[Bps-public-commit] rt-extension-manageautocreatedusers annotated tag, 0.02, created. 0.02

Wallace Reis wreis at bestpractical.com
Wed May 7 07:58:36 EDT 2014

The annotated tag, 0.02 has been created
        at  9fe6a795145217f8bec97126fd0a71e7bff72498 (tag)
   tagging  c64cf515a8e194032041b948df12acf99145008e (commit)
 tagged by  Wallace Reis
        on  Wed May 7 08:25:19 2014 -0300

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Release to CPAN!

Wallace Reis (44):
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers baseline
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - Add auto_install
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - add menu-item and main page stub
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - list auto-created users
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - add tickets and actions column
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - add MergeUser column input field
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - fix form field names
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - add heuristic for merge suggestion
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - argh, forgot to use module
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - remove Name from listing
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - add increase the size of merge-into field
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - some tweaks for the ColumnMap
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - implement validate action
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - implement no-action
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - implement merge action
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - add testdb
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - no auto-validate on merge
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - fix return value for merge action
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - implement replace action
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - return email address on autocomplete
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - remove email address validation
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - refactor process_form
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - simplify validation
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - update test data
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - fix format config to display email
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - toggle validation on merge/unmerge
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - missing tools child menu
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - reduce the rows-per-page
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - rework suggestion for 'merge' field
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - remove unused dep
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - fallback to username for empty email
      Add TODO
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - autofill merge-into field
      Update TODO
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - summarize actions
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - set error msg for replace->Run
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - improve logging and result error
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - implement shred action
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - improve TicketSQL
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - SetResolvers not necessary
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - update TODO
      RTx-ManageAutoCreatedUsers - suggestion for replace|merge
      Remove TODO file
      Update Changes


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