[Bps-public-commit] GnuPG-Interface annotated tag, 1.00, created. 1.00

? sunnavy sunnavy at bestpractical.com
Tue Jan 26 16:24:04 EST 2021

The annotated tag, 1.00 has been created
        at  b89dea152ad01b405903393d5a8d7e6052e9ea5e (tag)
   tagging  dce1ca59bff8ebd643b6a7d17db1b1b5948f200c (commit)
  replaces  0.52
 tagged by  sunnavy
        on  Wed Jan 27 05:23:44 2021 +0800

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Version 1.00


Aaron Trevena (13):
      Update testing of public keys for GPG 2.2
      Updated options to add ignore_mdc_error and logging
      Updated tests to skip using gpg-agent unless ENV var set
      Added local_id field to GnuPG::Key comparson
      Update changelog for release
      Restrict to version 1.4 or 2.2+
      Fix check for passing passphrase
      added debug logging options to synopsis in documentation
      Updated test setup for gnupg-agent
      fix passphrase clearing in decyption test
      workaround for some gpg2.2.x expired sig behaviour in keys test
      remove env flag for testing with agent if gnugpg 2.2
      Added --keyring and --no-default-keyring options to GnuPG::Options

Brian C. Duggan (16):
      Get gpg version once at instantiation
      Add convenient GnuPG branch-checking methods
      Use GnuPG::Interface branch-checking methods in tests
      Skip loopback tests on not-modern GPG
      Restore test resource file name construction with branch name
      Disable modern gpg setup and teardown steps under classic
      Switch to version comparison from branch comparison
      Update pubkey_data documentation
      Use GNUPGHOME for gpgconf instead of --homedir
      Run all test cleanup except gpg-agent cleanup for <= 2.1.0
      Use GNUPGHOME instead of --homedir when calling gpgconf in test setup
      Update secret key lists and test for early versions of gpg 2.1.x
      Pass --homdir in encrypt_symmetrically for GnuPG >= 2.1.0
      Set allow-loopback-pinentry for gpg-agent in test homedirs
      Always print newline for empty passphrases
      Use --no-options for GnuPG::Interface::version()

Daniel Kahn Gillmor (19):
      fix spelling error ("settting" should be "setting")
      Generalize the test suite
      subkey validity of an key when we have established no trust anchors
      ensure that test covers all signatures
      add $gpg_is_modern to test suite
      Modern GnuPG (2.1) reports more detail about secret keys
      test suite: match plaintext output across versions of GnuPG
      fix test_default_key_passphrase when passphrase comes from agent
      clean up trailing whitespace
      fix capitalization of GnuPG
      ommand_args should be command_args
      use fingerprints as inputs during tests to demonstrate explicit usage
      move key files to generic names
      fix spelling: s/convience/convenience/
      added new secret key with different passphrase
      Test use of gpg without explicit passphrase (agent+pinentry)
      Kill any GnuPG agent before and after the test suite.
      Use a short temporary homedir during the test suite
      Make things work with gpg1 (assuming plain 'gpg' is modern)

Jim Brandt (7):
      Document supported gpg versions
      Merge branch 'work-with-both-gnupgs'
      Prep v 1.00
      Add Module::Install files to git
      Update MANIFEST and add . to path
      Make sure dot gets added first
      Add note about intermittent test failures on RHEL 7

Michael Schout (1):
      add missing waitpid() in version()


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