[rt-announce] RT 2.0.6 - 'Parity'

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Sat Sep 1 18:41:58 EDT 2001

RT 2.0.6 is out now. It's got spiffy new features and bugfixes.

RT 2.0.6:


	Added several of the most requested features:
		External HTTP Authentication
		Refresh on search and "home" pages.
	Fixed a bunch of bugs and added a bunch more features.  
	See below for details.

	Fixed a typo in the makefile's install instructions.	
	fixed initdb to not append a port= to the db connect string 
	 unless it needs one.
	Added new indices to schema.  Existing users will need to manually 
	 frob their databases to see this advantage
	Regenerated mysql and postgres schema.

Config file: 
	Added more docs and updated the default config for the external db 
	Cleaned up etc/config.pm's docs some more, based on comments from 
	 Christian Gimore
	Added a default value for RT::OwnerEmail, which was documented by 
	 not defined by default	
	bin/rt --create now deals with watchers.
	bin/rtadmin    cli group creation

	Added support for external HTTP Authentication (Thanks to 
	 Christian Gilmore at Tivoli/IBM)
	Fixed a few typos in the css file
	Tightened up Transaction display. Fixed 'full headers' display.
	Cleaned up the ui in ModifyDates a bit
	Cleaned up the ui in Ticket/Update.html
	Fixed a typo in Global/Keywords
	Little bit of ui and code cleanup to the User editing page
	Display a version string in the login box.	
	Added support for setting refresh interval to the Search and 'home' 
	Added vivek khera's patch to clean up newline processing for incoming 

Mail gateway:
	Added support for 'external' database lookups when creating users by 

	Added support for setting the database port for postgres and mysql
	Fixed a bug with 'deep' merges which made tickets appear to 'vanish'
	Added a default alphabetical sort order to lib/RT/Groups
	Removed debugging output from file attachment subroutine
	Fixed broken caching of the CreatorObj

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