[rt-announce] RT 3.0.1 is now available

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Tue Apr 15 12:01:44 EDT 2003

RT 3.0.1 is primarily a bug-fix release. A number of issues have been
corrected, primarily several UTF-8 related issues, as well as an issue
that could cause corruption of binary attachments.

This release is now available at:


Changelog annotations are below. For more detail, consult aegis at


      33     20	  A tiny bit of extra data passing for some callbacks
      35     21	  New czech translation
      37     22	  Updated dependencies
      36     23	  Updated Spanish translation
      38     24	  Updates for RT RPC interface from AMS
      39     25	  Many users should be able to have a blank address; new test suite to ensure this
      50     26	  Integrating rafael's failing UTF-8 test suite and proposed fix from autrijus
      51     27	  Changing address used in examples to not send mail to author
      53     29	  Added preliminary left to right hebrew translation
      55     30	  #2365 Removing outdated Mason setup parameter
      56     31	  Testing fixes for mail authentication/authorization
      58     33	  Better binary attachment handling fix from autrijus
      59     34	  Bumping to RT 3.0.1pre2
      60     35	  SMTP and I18N fixes from autrijus tang. Updated chinese translations
      61     36	  New speedycgi support from vivek khera
      62     37	  Bumping to version 3.0.1

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