[rt-announce] RT 3.0.6 and RTFM 2.0.0

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Fri Sep 26 07:20:31 EDT 2003

I'm pleased to announce the release of RT 3.0.6 and RTFM 2.0.0.

RT 3.0.6 is a minor release that fixes a bug related to the display of
RTFM links within RT and updates the documentation for the BETA
commandline interface.  Unless you want to use RTFM or the CLI, there is
no reason to upgrade.

RTFM 2.0.0 is the first production-ready release of the RT FAQ Manager,
a new knowledgebase tool from Best Practial Solutions, LLC. RTFM is
designed to aid in the capture and dissemination of organization
knowledge by making it easy to create and find 'articles' and metadata
about those articles which pertains to your organization. RTFM features
tight integration with RT -- You can extract the content of a ticket's
history into a new knowledgebase article and easily include the content
of knowledgebase articles in your ticket replies.

Both tools are immediately availble at:


MD5 hashes for these packages are:

2170c58be3b1f1c9e952736752af40ff  rt-3-0-6.tar.gz
70c5c61b3e76711974b19335cf09df6f  rtfm-2-0-0.tar.gz

http://www.bestpractical.com/rt  -- Trouble Ticketing. Free.

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