[rt-announce] RT 3.0.10 - Live from YAPC::Taipei::2004

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Sun Mar 28 09:18:37 EST 2004

Live and direct from the YAPC::Taipei::2004 release party at Cafe Oso 
in Taipei, Taiwan, I'm pleased to announce the immediate release of a 
new stable release of RT: 3.0.10.
This version of RT features new Danish and Hungarian translations, as 
well as numerous performance improvements and bugfixes.

It's immediately availalble from:


65a963eee89a398fd6c2446fb31f3eb9  rt-3.0.10.tar.gz
645065173de0ab59ee3dd33674c8285d  rt-3.0.10.tar.gz.sig

Web interface
          Significant performance improvements for ticket history display
          Applied patch to correct logic in SelectMatch
          MessageBox is now more configurable
          Update to force language handle change when the user sets it
          Fix for overly agressive email 'signature' truncation when 
          Fix for repeated signature addition when creating tickets with
          Don't hide ticket updates for negative amounts of time
          Fix for the "quicksearch" which was occasionally broken in 
          Small change to fix escaping for saved searches
          Improved Apache2 compatibility

          A fix from Ruslan for getting values for a named global
          Custom Field
          Split Sendmail arguments properly for mail sending
          Improved descriptions of merged ticket in history
          Additional debugging when ticket creation fails 
          Make custom field names case insensitive in TicketSQL
          Better cleanup of temporary files
          Better emailing of error messages after "permission denied" 

          Updated Finnish localization
           Updated Chinese localization

          Minor corrections to French localization
          New Danish localization
          New Hungarian localization

          Updates to oracle CLOB handling

          Fixed a couple small ticket update bugs with the cli

          Added callback for adding new users
          Exclude svn cache files from regression test suite
          Deslashified bits of the styleguide
          Better logging of failed thawing of search queries

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