[Rt-announce] RT 3.4.1 now available

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Tue Feb 15 23:44:34 EST 2005

I'm pleased to announce the immediate availabilty of RT 3.4.1. This
release fixes a number of small issues discovered since the release of
RT 3.4.0 and features several new and updated translations.

This release is immediately available from:


Changes since RT 3.4.0:

Documentation / typos

    Updated 2.0 upgrade instructions

    README typo fix

    Corrected a common spelling error:
    perl -pi.bak -e's/seperat/separat/g; s/Seperat/Separat/g;' $(find .)


    Standalone HTTP Daemon now deals properly with unicode input/output

    "Status" in ticket listings is now localized

    Fix for issues with words with Umlauts in search result listings

    Removed broken Malkovich translation

    Updated German translation from Torsten Brumm.

    Updated Italian translation from Angelo Turetta.

    Updated Czech translation from Jan Okrouhly.

    Applied new Hungarian translation from Attilla Mergl.

Web application server

     Disabled automatic clearing of mason component cache on start with
     It doesn't work properly in the multiprocess environment.

REST Framework (CLI)

    In RT's REST CLI Use the "OriginalContent" rather than our
    encoded one. this might make cli attachment downloads work better

Web UI

    Query builder fixes for sites with multiple identically named custom

    Only show the TransactionBatch scrip stage if TransactionBatch
    scrips are enabled.  --Dave Rolsky

    SelectOwner was displaying "Nobody" twice due to smarter
    backend code that broke the not-so-smart frontend. Fixed the frontend.

    Fixed some links that broke when RT was not installed at the server root


    A bunch of small fixes to avoid minor warnings in the RT code.
--Dave Rolsky

    A typo prevented users from being able to revoke other users' rights
on custom

    Fixes to handle large text custom fields gracefully

    The crontool was using local and system libs in the wrong order

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