[Rt-announce] RT 3.4.2 now available

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Wed May 4 14:11:42 EDT 2005

I'm pleased to announce RT 3.4.2, a new release in the RT 3.4 stable
release series. This version of RT is a bit delayed and as such features
more than the usual complement of improvements. The biggies are:

	* standalone_httpd improvements
	* Significant refactoring of custom fields to make them easier
	  to extend
	* Mail sending improvements including fixes to a bug that 
	  caused yahoo to eat mail from RT and new headers to enable message
	* Significant bugfixes for searching based on custom field

A full changelog follows.

You can download this new release from:

	a50158055fff423a557d43335ae1dc81  rt-3.4.2.tar.gz
	707b779f05621e845b8b74853ff93b51  rt-3.4.2.tar.gz.sig





 * Updated Attachment import code to take database-specific lob encoding into account -- Tom Yu


 * Overhauled README to be more correct, friendly and a bit cleaner
 * Added a bit of documentation to RT_SiteConfig.pm -- Thanks to David Glasser
 * Robert added new functionality to support autodetection of RT and Web users in ./configure
 * Correct comments in config file. "RTLogoURL" is actually LogoURL.   --Allison Randal
 * Removed second FHS layout
 * Bumped SearchBuilder dependency to new version

 * Canonicalized => to , in the configuration file
   They mean the same thing, but consistency is good.
 * Bumped the Postgres dependency to 1.41 to get around the 
   broken 1.40 release
 * Added "make depends" as an alias for "make fixdeps" for Autrijus


 * Fixed typo in initialdata related to approval rejection

Custom Fields

 * Upgraded a private _LookupTypes method to a public CustomFieldUpdateTypes method to make it easier to add custom fields to other objects
 * Added Wikitext custom field type
 Custom Field API extension and cleanup to allow new objects to use custom fields. (No backwards-incompat changes)
 * Refactored Custom Field admin UI for extensibility
 * Newlines in CustomFields are now displayed in TicketList results
 * Better support for loading custom fields by name
 * Better transaction UpdateCustomFields API
 * Adding support for selecting custom fields for RTFM objects
 * Overhaul of custom field editing code to make it easier to add custom fields for new object types
 * Fixes so that custom fields will pay attention to defaults, when the defaults are specified.
 * Patch from Tom Yu to allow negative CF searching and better multi-CF search.
Web UI

 * A bunch of minor search query builder cleanup and loc improvements
 * Slightly better introductory text on user and queue listings
 * Checkbox fields need a "value" or they are ignored by some modern browsers
 * Search "Order By" needed a more greedy matching operation; too many values were selected
 * resorting the search by clicking on a header no longer resets the format string
 * Added ALT text for BPS corporate logo -- Suggested by Jedi during YAPC.TW 2005
 * Explicitly give the login box an id/name so passwords are not saved on user edit pages
 * Removed an extra </td> tag. Thanks to Steve Turner
 * Refactored the top-level admin menu to make it easier to add and remove options
 * Hilighted menu options are now the right size
 * Slight style cleanup to page actions. 
 * The attribute "align" in COLUMN_MAP wasn't usable, because it could not be
   used for a complete column, so I added a /ALIGN:.. section in 
   CollectionAsTable/ParseFormat and use it in Row.
   There also was a minor error to be corrected, since the old variant of 
   ParseFormat did not allow more than one /ANYTHING:... to be use (in my 
   example /TITLE:.../ALIGN:...)  --Dirk Pape
 * Better error message when the sessions table or sessions dir isn't writable
 * CanonicalizeUserInfo didn't work right from RT's WebUI.
   Fixed by Dave Rolsky.
 * Minor stylistic cleanups for web components
 * RT used to report an improper total number of pages if the number of 
   results found was evenly divisible by the number of rows per page


 * Record Message-Id when creating attachment records
 * Content-Transfer-Encoding should have been '8bit' not '8-bit'
 * Enabled proper message threading with RT


 * Fix support for uploading attachmends in selfservice.  -- HC Chien


 * Force UTF8 content type on replies from RT's REST interface (Thanks to Dirk Pape)
 * Patch to SelfService UI to not display a preferences page unless the current user (ie all unprivileged users) has the right to do so.
 * Hungarian translation had an incorrect Content-Type. Reported upstream from 
 * New French translation from robitail at iro.umontreal.ca 
 * Polish Translation from Piotr Sliwa
 * New Russian translation from Andrew Kornilov
 * Updated Danish translation from Jonas Nielsen

 * Removed some spurious use lib lines from the test suite. Thanks to Dave Rolsky.
 * Much better test coverage of delegation revocation when users' group memberships are changed - Mike Whitson (BPS)
 * Split apart some of the web tests for better isolation
 * Updated RT::User regression tests to not expect a pristine database
 * Fixing tests to not depend on a deprecated API


 * Added a new HasPassword method to the RT user object
 * Users and groups can have transactions; ShowTicket isn't needed to see these
 * Now when running scrips on a disabled queue, run global scrips as well as per-queue scrips.
 * Sanity fixes for _AddLink's API from Todd Chapman
 * When we can't load a user by email address, make sure we can't load that user by name before returning an error
 * Users who had "DeleteTicket" but not "ModifyTicket" could not delete tickets.
 * Added a flag to allow tools to use the RT API to search for deleted tickets.  (Ruslan)
 * Fixed incorrect loop exit test in RT::ACE::_Delete such that multiply delegated ACEs are all cleaned up when the parent ACE is revoked.
 * Correct inaccurate POD for RT::Group::MembersObj and DeepMembersObj.
 * 'LimitLinkedFrom' in RT::Tickets didn't work due to a typo. Fixed.
 * RT::Transaction->Delete implemented. (for RTFM)
 * Ticket Searches on AdminCc would fail on non-mysql databases due to a case error
 * Quieted a deprecation warning -- Dmitry Sivachenko <mitya at cavia.pp.ru>
 * User_Overlay: added OwnGroups method to get a collection of groups of which
the user is a member.
 * Add a simple sub to return the object class with the RT::Lib:: prefix
stripped off.  Useful for displaying, e.g., "Ticket #35" or "Article #3".
 * added URI scheme which allows "t:123" URIs, for ticket specification.
 * More graceful handling for historical $rtname tags -- From seph
 * Updated RT::Transaction to return better Foo changed from "bar" to "baz" messages
 * Updated RT::Ticket->_Set to return more appropriate status messages
 * Updated RT::User->_Set to return more apropriate results messages (no more listing the actor)
 * Bugfixes to CachedGroupMember->SetDisabled unmasked by the RT::Record fixes
 * Explicit transaction description for changed passwords
 * Improved generic messages returned by RT::Record->_Set()
 * Corrected RT::Record->_Set to return a Class::ReturnValue, rather than butchering it into an array. (This means that RT::Ticket->SetPriority can now be evaluated in boolean or list context, like it was supposed to be)

Web Server 

 * Fixed Module::Refresh handling for standalone_httpd
 * standalone_httpd no longer chokes on utf8 data.
 * Refactored standalone_httpd to use HTTP::Server::Simple::Mason
 * Moved some configuration from webmux.pl to RT::Interface::Web::Handler
 * Properly set binmode for the standalone_httpd server. This makes
   UTF8 text that could be misinterpreted as Latin1 behave correctly.


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