[rt-announce] RT 4.0.12 released

Thomas Sibley trs at bestpractical.com
Wed May 1 14:26:37 EDT 2013

It's my pleasure to announce RT 4.0.12 is now available for download.


SHA1 sums
779ae82d1847aea23afe28e54a982c59f93b4953  rt-4.0.12.tar.gz
8ef461c88486fa551985323ef6ed56e626176258  rt-4.0.12.tar.gz.sig

This release of RT repairs a regression in 4.0.11.  If you use the Rich
Text Editor, the red background on Reply was missing due to the update
of CKEditor to support IE10. It also includes a database upgrade, so
please make sure to run 'make upgrade-database'.

* Date and DateTime Custom Fields now have the same 'smart' date parsing
  that core RT date fields have.
* Improved logging when the sending of a Correspond or Comment fails.
* The Quick Search preferences page now has Select/Clear All buttons.
* Unprivileged users can now change Language and Time Zone.
* Warn MySQL users if their max_allowed_packet is dangerously low.

* Repair 4.0.11 regression where red background on Reply with the
  RichText Editor was lost.
* Quiet warnings in the verbose user format.
* Allow changing the case of a Group's name (prevented by earlier code
  stopping you from having two groups with the same name).
* Allow changing the case of a Class's name.
* Avoid warnings when using empty Templates.
* Update our InnoDB checks for MySQL 5.6 compatibility.
* Clarification of when SetOutgoingMailFrom and OverrideOutgoingMailFrom
  are available.
* Improve layout of collection lists in IE.
* Fix Attach more files button in Self Service.
* Set caching headers on autocomplete endpoints.
* Restore and improve prematurely deleted documentation for
* Correct the encoding of Dashboard email Subject headers.
* Fix the default roles on User->WatchedQueues.
* Document the need to grant SeeCustomField in UPGRADING-3.4.
* Nudge menus below the shadows in aileron.
* Fix missing headers and a syntax error in the
  /REST/1.0/attachment/NN endpoint.

* Improve the display of numbers when using the French localization.
* Built in components and searches (such as Bookmarked Tickets) are now
* Use PostgreSQL error codes in the full-text-indexer instead of
  matching on error messages that may be in a non-english language.
* Localize 'Dashboard' during creation.
* Mark 'Modify this user' as localizable.

* Test can now be run against a remote DB server.
* Install etc/upgrade to make some rt-setup-database actions easier
  without requiring access to the install directory.
* RT_TEST_PARALLEL_NUM controls the -j param in make parallel-test
* Work around a git bug in git archive when packaging releases.
  This caused the third party sources to bloat the 4.0.11 tarball.
* Fix examples in the CreateTickets documentation.
* RT Ticket types (ticket, approval, reminder) are now always forced to
  lower case.
* Allow the use of 'NOT IN' in Limits (assuming a new enough

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
    git log rt-4.0.11..rt-4.0.12
or visiting

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