[Rt-commit] rt branch, 4.0/selfservice-richtext, created. rt-4.0.0rc7-9-g3647c30

Thomas Sibley trs at bestpractical.com
Mon Apr 11 16:58:23 EDT 2011

The branch, 4.0/selfservice-richtext has been created
        at  3647c30aadb0476449f4928f4d25aefa7d465b6b (commit)

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit 3647c30aadb0476449f4928f4d25aefa7d465b6b
Author: Thomas Sibley <trs at bestpractical.com>
Date:   Mon Apr 11 16:55:35 2011 -0400

    Push update ticket CFs into the table to fix a clearing issue with richtext editor
    In the interest of getting this into 4.0.0, use a fix which affects the
    least.  There is a better more general solution here, but that affects
    more than just self service.  Eventually EditCustomFields should get
    properly fixed.  This is also the same thing self service ticket create
    Fixes #16949.

diff --git a/share/html/SelfService/Create.html b/share/html/SelfService/Create.html
index 56ef79f..98d20e0 100755
--- a/share/html/SelfService/Create.html
+++ b/share/html/SelfService/Create.html
@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@
 <form action="Create.html" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
 <input type="hidden" class="hidden" name="id" value="new" />
+<table width="100%">
 <td class="label">
diff --git a/share/html/SelfService/Update.html b/share/html/SelfService/Update.html
index bb74ee3..2104105 100755
--- a/share/html/SelfService/Update.html
+++ b/share/html/SelfService/Update.html
@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@
 <form action="Display.html" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
 <input type="hidden" class="hidden" name="UpdateType" value="response" />
 <input type="hidden" class="hidden" name="id" value="<%$Ticket->Id%>" />
+<table width="100%">
         <td class="label">
@@ -73,8 +73,8 @@
     <& /Ticket/Elements/AddAttachments, %ARGS, TicketObj => $Ticket &>
+    <tr><td colspan="2"><& /Ticket/Elements/EditCustomFields,  TicketObj => $Ticket &></td></tr>
-<& /Ticket/Elements/EditCustomFields,  TicketObj => $Ticket &>
 <& /Elements/MessageBox, 
     Name => "UpdateContent", 
     QuoteTransaction => $ARGS{QuoteTransaction} 


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