[Rt-commit] rt annotated tag, rt-4.0.0rc7, created. rt-4.0.0rc7

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Tue Mar 22 14:28:53 EDT 2011

The annotated tag, rt-4.0.0rc7 has been created
        at  e7eceba369a18fed35226effd91f1a18fdff73f6 (tag)
   tagging  5e533948083fc18b112ee8d094e129dab4615e7f (commit)
  replaces  rt-4.0.0rc6
 tagged by  Kevin Falcone
        on  Mon Mar 21 14:44:21 2011 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Release rt-4.0.0rc7
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (Darwin)


Alex Vandiver (50):
      Document DatabaseRTHost
      Copyedit a couple entries
      Minor copyediting
      Fix a header to match the setting it is for
      Trim trailing whitespace
      Ensure that the generated RTAddressRegexp, when interpolated, is still /i
      Warn if RTAddressRegexp is a regex, and is case-sensitive
      Whitespace cleanups
      Remove configuration options which have been deprecated for more than 5 years
      More copyediting on the default configuration file
      Remove explicit Default: lines; the defaults are in the file themself
      Standardize Set(...) lines a bit
      Document which of AmbiguousDayInPast and ..InFuture takes precedence
      Remove last remaining vestiges of inline tests, missed during the great purge of 3.7
      "Never edit this" is not strictly documentation, and need not be in POD
      Reorder and regroup config entries, re-wrapping at 70 columns
      Remove POD F<> from no-longer-in-POD warning
      Merge branch '4.0/news-integration-url' into 4.0.0-releng
      Merge branch '4.0/processacl-bulletproofing' into 4.0.0-releng
      Merge branch '4.0/allow-blockquotes' into 4.0.0-releng
      Merge branch '4.0/fix-users-whohaveroleright' into 4.0.0-releng
      Note that the old web handlers do not work with 4.0
      Remove some unnecessary boilerplate
      Indent correctly
      Remove reference to "document mentioned above", etc
      Most distributions give a default value for FastCgiIpcDir, and it is an error to set it twice
      Add a mod_fcgid configuration as well
      Add example nginx and lighttpd configs
      Put back the FastCgiIpcDir, commented out, to point the way if it is missing
      Be consistent about which quotes we say are the default
      Correct a "set to a 1" that used to be "to a true value"
      Fold UPGRADING into README, update prose
      POD-ify Security doc, add a section on reporting vulnerabilities
      Rename security file to be more canonical
      Split docs/ into toplevel (deploy), simple customization, and more compltex extensions
      Remove pre-PSGI windows doc, which is no longer true
      Add a simple initial paragraph describing what Articles are
      English-ize branded queues documentation
      Quantify "historially" when talking about template types
      Be more explicit about why we have so many more variables in simple templates
      English-ize chart timezone information
      Rewrite and rename external CF documentation
      Reword and rename the doc on writing custom MakeClicky handlers
      Remove rather obsolete documentation which is mostly 5-10 years old
      Reformat and reword for better english
      More rewording and rewrapping in upgrade docs
      Remove stub GPG docs; correct docs are already referenced in RT_Config.pm
      Fold queue subject upgrade into UPGRADING-3.8

Audrey Tang (2):
      Make menu appear instantly instead of waiting for 200ms for them to appear
      "speed: 0" can appear chopping on slower machines

Chia-liang Kao (1):
      merge translation from rosseta

Kevin Falcone (31):
      Merge branch '4.0/customfield-css-on-basics' into 4.0.0-releng
      Merge branch '4.0/better-userlogo-caching' into 4.0.0-releng
      I believe the Theme editor is a tool, not a global config
      Move the file into Tools also and frob the tests
      Add a new table that shows RT::System Attributes
      Merge branch '4.0/doc-sublocation-deployment' into 4.0.0-releng
      Rewrite something noticed while fixing default values
      Switch from saying "true" or "a true value" to 1
      Merge branch '4.0/config-copyedit' into 4.0.0-releng
      Merge branch '4.0/style-nitpicking' into 4.0.0-releng
      Merge branch '4.0/fix-classes-page-menu' into 4.0.0-releng
      Merge branch '4.0/case-sensitive-rtaddressregexp' into 4.0.0-releng
      Merge branch '4.0/search-tabs' into 4.0.0-releng
      Merge branch '4.0/hardcoded-statuses-in-myday' into 4.0.0-releng
      Remind people to rotate their logs
      Merge branch '4.0/deployment-configs' into 4.0.0-releng
      small wording tweaks
      refer people to our security webpage
      prefer bestpractical.com over fsck.com
      Merge branch '4.0/upgrading-docs' into 4.0.0-releng
      point out that articles aren't only for mail replies
      more englishification
      Merge branch '4.0/documentation-reorg' into 4.0.0-releng
      Simple test for incoming multipart email being sent back out as an attachment
      Previously, we killed the RowsPerPage() call to avoid harming the cache
      Merge branch '4.0/rights-editor-autocomplete-behaviour' into 4.0.0-releng
      Merge branch '4.0/lifecyles-vs-approvals' into 4.0.0-releng
      Merge branch '4.0/drop-m-tickets-requested' into 4.0.0-releng
      Merge branch '4.0/documentation-reorg' into 4.0.0-releng

Ruslan Zakirov (10):
      don't pass Status => new, Ticket::Create take care
      show all inactive, instead hardcoded rejected and resolved
      drop hardcoded statuses from MyDay page
      change title as it doesn't reflect reality
      clone default lifecycle for approvals
      introduce new properties in lifecycles for approvals
      on approve and deny use statuses from config
      document special statuses for approvals
      set lifecycle for approvals on DB init and upgrade
      we don't use it anywhere, it uses hardcoded statuses

Shawn M Moore (9):
      Add a failing test for #16841
      Provide and use the built QueryString
      Refactor away $m->notes into a parameter pass
      Merge branch '4.0/translation-updates' into 4.0.0-releng
      Merge branch '4.0/hardcoded-status-self-service' into 4.0.0-releng
      Merge branch '4.0/show-valid-image-types' into 4.0.0-releng
      Merge remote branch 'origin/4.0/remove-logo-border-for-theme-editor' into 4.0.0-releng
      Remove mis-copied POD
      Merge branch '4.0/multipart-mail-fail' into 4.0.0-releng

Thomas Sibley (39):
      Reword doc into prose instead of multiple headers
      Add a note about trailing slashes
      Add a note about the DocumentRoot pitfall
      Wrapping to 80
      Add a note about the sample mod_perl config
      Imply that you might not have all of these directives
      Don't imply that you're replacing the entire config
      Less padding works better for the RT Portal
      Rejigger our admin menu proportions a bit
      Update the RT news integration url for better metrics
      Replace Imager with GD since we already depend on GD for charts
      Refactor image analyzing to respect the DisableGD flag
      Merge branch '4.0/replace-imager-with-gd' into 4.0.0-releng
      Skip object specs if they're not an RT::Ticket or RT::Queue
      Merge branch '4.0/owner-autocomplete-skip-invalid-objects' into 4.0.0-releng
      Merge branch '4.0/faster-menu-flyouts' into 4.0.0-releng
      Only make text CFs 100% wide when they're otherwise constrained by a table cell
      Merge rights if a principal is "added" that already exists
      Make sure our check list of principals is unique
      More explicitly load by user names
      Users->WhoHaveRoleRight wasn't actually limiting to any objects
      Allow blockquotes in our HTML so quote folding works
      Improve custom user logo caching with the same MD5 trick JS/CSS uses
      Test the failure case that this branch fixed
      Always slam the per-txn actions to the upper right corner
      Increase the right padding of #body from 0.5em to 1em
      Move Theme to the second item in the Tools menu
      Merge branch '4.0/theme-menu-placement' into 4.0.0-releng
      Give the user a better error message when we can't read an image
      Don't try to show a user logo if we don't actually have one
      We're dealing with Classes here, not Articles
      Update the wording and show supported image types without uploading
      Give a little more hint about the UserLogo data key
      Merge branch '4.0/attributes-on-system-configuration' into 4.0.0-releng
      Point to our security page on the corporate site
      This is not just for RT3
      Reword awkward phrasing
      Don't show a border around the linked logo image on the theme editor
      Make sure we update the pane title right away when clicking an autocomplete option

sunnavy (3):
      sublocation deployment doc
      only one entity seems more right
      Txn->Attachments is cached, so do not limit rows


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