[Rt-commit] rtfm annotated tag, 2.4.4, created. 2.4.4

Alex Vandiver alexmv at bestpractical.com
Fri Jul 27 17:13:14 EDT 2012

The annotated tag, 2.4.4 has been created
        at  5542ecc4f4b4185f0b118cd0bd7619160b5ca308 (tag)
   tagging  59acdecf449a36cd32efd049d00d4f6c4bf0cb62 (commit)
  replaces  2.4.3
 tagged by  Alex Vandiver
        on  Fri Jul 27 17:11:12 2012 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Release 2.4.4
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Alex Vandiver (7):
      Rework topic display to not make use of $m->print everywhere
      Update to support RT 3.8.12's solution to CVE-2011-2084
      Move a <&|/l&> call into a loc() call which can actually be extracted
      Merge branch 'security/2.4' into 2.4-trunk
      Backfill 2.4.3 changelog
      Update copyright for 2012
      Version bump to 2.4.4

Kevin Falcone (12):
      Merge branch '2.4.3-releng' into 2.4-trunk
      update license tagger for new year and prevent trailing whitespace
      run license_tag from master
      Don't use UNIVERSAL::isa anymore
      Add strict and warnings
      Upgrade MIRTx and tweak the install infrastructure
      use RT's perlcriticrc
      Merge branch '2.4/perlcritic' into 2.4-trunk
      Apparently 3.8.0 is confusing and people assume it means 3.8.x
      Switch to using requires_rt
      warn about 4.0
      Borrow the RT4 version check from RTIR's Makefile.pl


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