[Rt-commit] rt branch, 4.2/bcrypt-cost, created. rt-4.2.10-238-g0c5d384

Alex Vandiver alexmv at bestpractical.com
Mon May 4 16:52:53 EDT 2015

The branch, 4.2/bcrypt-cost has been created
        at  0c5d3842926dcf05fe227d8f8d57f41e517c09b2 (commit)

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit 0c5d3842926dcf05fe227d8f8d57f41e517c09b2
Author: Alex Vandiver <alexmv at bestpractical.com>
Date:   Mon May 4 16:42:03 2015 -0400

    Increase the bcrypt cost by a factor of two
    The bcrypt key derivation function contains a tuning parameter, the
    number of "rounds" to run, which allows the same algorithm to have
    increased computational cost, to prevent brute force attacks, as
    computers grow faster.
    Moore's Law estimates a doubling in the number of transistors every 18
    months, which is, in broad strokes, also similar to a doubling in
    computational power every 18 months.  RT introduced the use of bcrypt in
    September 2013; as such, the complexity of key derivation is now due to
    be doubled.  This is done by increasing the number of rounds by one.
    Old passwords (with lower costs) will still work, but will be upgraded
    as soon as a user logs in.

diff --git a/etc/RT_Config.pm.in b/etc/RT_Config.pm.in
index 7ece63f..a519802 100644
--- a/etc/RT_Config.pm.in
+++ b/etc/RT_Config.pm.in
@@ -2071,7 +2071,7 @@ higher numbers denoting greater effort.
-Set($BcryptCost, 10);
+Set($BcryptCost, 11);
diff --git a/t/api/password-types.t b/t/api/password-types.t
index 9eeded4..3278b48 100644
--- a/t/api/password-types.t
+++ b/t/api/password-types.t
@@ -16,11 +16,12 @@ ok($root->IsPassword("password"));
 is($root->__Value("Password"), $old, "Unchanged after password check");
 # bcrypt (smaller number of rounds)
+my $rounds = RT->Config->Get("BcryptCost");
 my $salt = Crypt::Eksblowfish::Bcrypt::en_base64("a"x16);
 $root->_Set( Field => "Password", Value => RT::User->_GeneratePassword_bcrypt("smaller", 6, $salt) );
 like($root->__Value("Password"), qr/^\!$default\!06\!/, "Stored with a smaller number of rounds");
 ok($root->IsPassword("smaller"), "Smaller number of bcrypt rounds works");
-like($root->__Value("Password"), qr/^\!$default\!10\!/, "And is now upgraded to salted $default");
+like($root->__Value("Password"), qr/^\!$default\!$rounds\!/, "And is now upgraded to $rounds rounds");
 # Salted SHA-512, one round
 $root->_Set( Field => "Password", Value => RT::User->_GeneratePassword_sha512("other", "salt") );


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