[Rt-commit] rt annotated tag, rt-4.4.0rc1, created. rt-4.4.0rc1

Shawn Moore shawn at bestpractical.com
Tue Nov 3 15:26:54 EST 2015

The annotated tag, rt-4.4.0rc1 has been created
        at  e2c0f9583776beb52b8e4e421ec026bce78d6d77 (tag)
   tagging  3a80169a9a5d47d189184f70c81705f02a2fb41a (commit)
  replaces  rt-4.2.12
 tagged by  Shawn M Moore
        on  Tue Nov 3 12:42:17 2015 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Version 4.4.0rc1
Version: GnuPG v1


Alex Vandiver (119):
      Merge branch '4.2-trunk'
      Remove unused Value argument to SelectDate
      Merge branch '4.4/date-input-keep-value'
      Merge branch '4.4/hide-unset-fields-in-display'
      Merge branch '4.2-trunk'
      Merge branch '4.2-trunk'
      Merge branch '4.4/minify-css-js'
      Merge branch '4.4/remove-SetFieldsOnce'
      Merge branch '4.4/cf-entry-hint'
      Show queue name in title of ticket creation page
      Revert "Show queue name in title of ticket creation page"
      Make queue name more salient by including it in title during ticket create
      Merge branch '4.2-trunk'
      Merge branch '4.4/login-password-auto-complete'
      Default to placing tmpfiles generated during email parsing under /tmp
      Merge branch '4.2-trunk'
      Merge branch '4.4/siteconfig.d'
      Pass the just-submitted squelching information to the first AJAX request
      Sync the ckeditor output before updating messages
      Roll back on failure to Comment, as Correspond does
      DryRun now wraps in a rollback, and records all transactions
      Display all scrips which are triggered
      Re-use squelching information for future updates to a ticket in same request
      Remove mostly-duplicate code for Rules which can never trigger
      Merge branch '4.4/extend-execmodule-support'
      Merge branch '4.4/squelching-all'
      Remove the unnecessary "on merge" lifecycle property
      Merge branch '4.4/default-values'
      Don't clone TimeWorked and friends when creating child tickets
      Merge branch '4.4/select-cf-hide-invalid-empty-values'
      Merge branch '4.2-trunk'
      Ensure that preview is kept in sync with one-time-cc checkboxes
      Increase MaxInlineBody
      Merge branch '4.4/drop-ticket-disabled-column'
      Merge branch '4.4/ocfv-disabled-flag'
      Merge branch '4.4/migrate-cgi-env'
      Update license tag for 2015
      Merge branch '4.2-trunk'
      Update the documentation to show the Apache 2.4 config
      Compat for Apache 2.4 in devel/tools/rt-apache
      Adjust tests to run under Apache 2.4
      RT::Interface::Email doesn't need to be an Exporter
      Reorder functions to more obviously split sending and receiving mail
      Adjust POD headers to reflect split
      Update MailPlugins to only reference existant modules
      Move MailPlugins documentation out of rt-mailgate, where is is mostly irrelevant
      Remove duplicate ParseCcAddressesFromHead in RT::EmailParser
      Use Scope::Upper to allow returns from Gateway from nested subs
      Add a base email plugin role, which provides TMPFAIL/FAILURE/SUCCESS
      Check if each named mail plugin DOES the mail plugin role
      Return values of ApplyBeforeDecode plugins' GetCurrentUser are irrelevant
      Push bounce short-circuiting down into _HandleMachineGeneratedMail
      $IsALoop is now unused in Gateway
      Stop moving RT-Squelch-Replies-To aside
      Simplify _HandleMachineGeneratedMail logic
      Use different method names rather than an ApplyBeforeDecode method
      Use FAILURE to abort from GetCurrentUser, rather than a magic -1 value
      Remove the unused $error variable
      Move $Right to where it is used
      Move SystemTicket definition to where it is first used
      Move NewSubject to where it is used
      Remove CreateUser, merging to form a more featureful LoadOrCreateByEmail
      Always create the user; this simplifies ACL checking greatly
      Split authentication from authorization
      Remove no-longer-used _NoAuthorizedUserFound
      Remove now-unused $Right variable, previously used by _NoAuthorizedUserFound
      Fail if the first action is unauthenticated
      Notify the owner on common mis-configurations
      Remove extra error in mail-gateway
      Add back a warning that is now lacking
      Stop passing mail plugins around; load them lazily in one Plugins() method
      Split action handling into plugin classes
      Plugins may alter @actions; ensure action is valid prior to calling
      Split default authentication from default authorization
      Local'ize MailErrors to avoid having to pass $ErrorsTo everywhere
      Remove the warning about the deprecated Auth::GnuPG/Auth::SMIME plugins
      Allow lazy adding of Auth::MailFrom if no other GetCurrentUser plugins exist
      There is no reason to not always enable Auth::Crypt
      Make Crypt not an Auth:: plugin, but hardcoded
      Move RejectOnUnencrypted to being a mail plugin
      Merge ParseAddressFromHeader and RT::EmailParser->ParseEmailAddress
      Fix callsites of ParseSenderAddressFromHead to be slightly less incomprehensible
      $MessageId is only used in IsMachineGeneratedMail; move it in there
      Merge CheckForSuspiciousSender, CheckForAutoGenerated, and CheckForBounce
      Reduce repetition by making MailError handle throwing the FAILURE, as well
      Move ACL checking for Take and Resolve into their own plugins
      Update POD for new methods and functionality
      Move upgrade to next version
      Merge branch '4.4/drop-cf-self-category-select'
      Merge branch '4.4/better-already-has-right-error'
      Merge branch '4.4/cf-chosen-select'
      Switch old upgrade steps to cope with indexes already existing
      Remove a use of defined-or that crept in; 4.0 only requires perl 5.8.3
      Merge branch '4.0/shred-object-custom-fields' into 4.0-trunk
      More changes for Date and Datetime CF values being in their input box
      Don't round large nubers of hours worked into days
      Use consistent number of significant figures on hour rounding
      Roll TimeWorked and TimeEstimated up in to hours, like TimeLeft
      Mark RT_SiteConfig.pm as encoded in UTF-8 by default
      Trim trailing whitespace
      Anchor inline GPG regular expressions, to prevent false-positives
      Increase the bcrypt cost by a factor of two
      Merge branch '4.2/file-which-fix' into 4.2-trunk
      Merge branch '4.2-trunk'
      Update shredder's "find_disabled_rows" to the non-deprecated form
      Add security tests that are no longer embargo'd
      Temporarily remove bundling code; it will be replaced by an optimizer
      Switch to parsing into a parse tree as an IR
      Bundling as an optimization pass
      Document format strings
      Add Undup and ShowElem params to query log tool
      Provide a ColumnMap for transactions
      Resolution and IssueStatement have never been used in core RT; drop them
      EmailEncoding and WebEncoding have never been used in core RT
      Drop all "external contact" columns from users
      Drop never-used PGPKey column on users
      Replace remaining locations which use ObjectId with id
      Drop the deprecated "ObjectId" column from Principals
      Replace remaining locations which use Type with Name

Christian Loos (14):
      add a new MassageCloneArgs callback
      add more callbacks to modify ticket display
      consistent "now" value on ticket create
      show update button only if the user has sufficient rights
      add some callbacks to Ticket/Graphs/index.html
      Sort charts numerically when possible
      show the queue id if the user can't see the queue name
      record transactions for queue changes
      Avoid warnings if users don't have sufficient rights on reminders
      slightly change label string and mark for translation
      display translated ticket properties and status values
      use MiB instead of MB for attachment config options
      avoid 'new ticket in' button width changes on focus
      new $PreferDateTimeFormatNatural config option

Derek Schrock (1):
      Fix "use of localtime without parentheses" warning

Dominic Hargreaves (2):
      Pass a scalar to File::Which::which rather than a list
      Skip tests which relate to old behaviour in t/mail/html-outgoing.t

Dustin Graves (42):
      adjust wording of "otherwise your internal links may be broken"
      added label container for standard boolean radio buttons
      hide transactions with 'Transaction has no content' from extract article
      add CSRF whitelist for component parameters
      Remove Search/Results.rdf and relevant tests in t/web/search_rss.t
      Gray out custom fields with "(no value)"
      Merge branch '4.2/readme-improvements' into 4.2-trunk
      Improve applying a custom field to a queue message
      Merge branch '4.4/fix-timeworked-per-user-tests'
      remove redundant Apache::DBI dependencies
      Mention principal and right in granted and revoked messages
      Change Custom Field disable/enable message to be friendlier
      Show ticket number when pending on 1 ticket
      add min-width style to selection boxes to prevent 1px wide empty boxes
      explain that RT::Test::Web must be destroyed before done_testing
      fix t/approval/admincc.t not properly destroying m_ceo and m_coo
      fix t/web/squish.t needing 'undef '
      Merge branch '4.4/move-user-prefs-page-to-prefs-aboutme'
      Merge branch '4.4/queue-sort-order'
      add global / page-specific keyboard shortcuts
      Merge branch '4.4/ckeditor-4.5.3'
      Merge branch '4.2/show-queue-name-link' into 4.2-trunk
      add infinite scrolling option to ticket display transaction history
      Merge branch '4.4/new-paging'
      increase loadDistanceFromBottom on infinite scroll for better experience
      add border to ticket update ckeditor
      Merge branch '4.4/ckeditor-border'
      Merge branch '4.4/layout-changes'
      fix border on ckeditor for create ticket and any other ckeditors
      fix missing parentheses in some sample code in RT_Config
      fix ckeditor styles hiding red background on ticket transaction reply
      Merge pull request #162 from cloos/4.4/attachment-size-config
      Merge pull request #164 from cloos/4.4/topaction-layout
      added min width class to articles' 'edit topics' selection box
      change keyboard shortcut help to have varying content based on context
      Merge branch '4.4/unify-search-visuals'
      Documentation for query builder
      Merge branch '4.4/dropbox-warnings'
      upgrade jQuery from 1.9.1 -> 1.11.3
      upgrade jQuery UI from 1.10.0 -> 1.11.4
      change oldestTransactionsFirst to optional parameter on TicketHistoryPage
      properly integrate no attachment warning with reuse attachment functionality

Jesse Vincent (7):
      Merge branch '4.4/preview-checkboxes-sync'
      Merge branch '4.4/increase-maxinlinebody'
      Merge branch '4.2/modifyticket-owner'
      Merge branch '4.4/emailparser-tmpfile-path'
      Add more information to the "user already has right" error.
      Pull in a copy of CKEditor 4.5.3 with an updated plugin list
      Install the new version of CKEditor 4.5.3

Kevin Falcone (2):
      Remove SetFieldsOnce
      Merge branch '4.4/create-ticket-title'

Matt Zagrabelny (5):
      add "log" CLI option to rt-email-dashboards
      Align plugin arguments for the form in Shredder
      fix CSRF check overzealousness when using ReferrerComponents
      add highlighting functionality to Edit Rights admin pages
      Tidy rights highlighting functionality

Shawn M Moore (161):
      Add .attachment to each tr of the attachments list
      Flag mentions of "attachment" when there are none
      Verbatim copy of RT::Extension::ExternalStorage
      Merge pull request #140 from cloos/4.2/ticket-clone-callback
      Merge branch '4.2/enable-selfservice-showattachments' into 4.2-trunk
      Merge branch '4.2/bcrypt-cost' into 4.2-trunk
      Tiny improvements to format-strings doc
      Merge branch '4.2/format-strings' into 4.2-trunk
      Merge branch '4.2/siteconfig-utf8' into 4.2-trunk
      Merge branch '4.2/gnupg-end-of-line' into 4.2-trunk
      Merge branch '4.2/crontool-multiple-actions' into 4.2-trunk
      Merge branch '4.2/ipv6-width' into 4.2-trunk
      Move ExternalStorage files into proper namespaces
      Update ExternalStorage documentation
      Cleanup pass of ExternalStorage code
      Add --with-attachment-store to ./configure
      New config for ExternalStorageCutoffSize
      New config for ExternalStorageDirectLink
      Add --verbose to rt-externalize-attachments
      Filter should-store-externally? in Perl, not SQL
      Merge branch '4.2/rt-email-dashboards-log-option' into 4.2-trunk
      Merge branch '4.0/bump-encode-to-2.64' into 4.0-trunk
      Merge branch '4.4/remove-lifecycle-on-merge'
      Merge branch '4.2/upgrade-existing-indexes' into 4.2-trunk
      Merge branch '4.4/disabled-articles'
      Merge branch '4.2/referrer-comp-config' into 4.2-trunk
      Merge branch '4.4/rename-quick-search-to-queue-list'
      Merge branch '4.4/time-durations'
      Escape principal name as we insert it into the DOM
      Merge branch 'security/4.0/rights-xss' into security/4.0.24-releng
      Merge branch '4.2/internal-links-wording' into 4.2-trunk
      Merge branch '4.2/clicky-radio-labels' into 4.2-trunk
      Merge branch '4.2/hide-no-content-extract-article' into 4.2-trunk
      Factor out AttachableFromTransaction
      Merge branch '4.4/attach-from-transactions'
      Merge branch '4.4/remove-results-rdf'
      Several improvements to README
      Merge branch 'security/4.0.24-releng' into 4.0-trunk
      Merge branch 'security/4.2.12-releng' into 4.2-trunk
      Merge branch '4.4/gray-out-no-value'
      Merge branch '4.4/sla'
      Merge branch '4.4/parse-date-with-datetime-format-natural'
      Merge branch '4.4/timeworked-per-user'
      Move attachments to below messagebox on bulk update
      Merge branch '4.4/custom-field-msg'
      Add user shredder option no_ticket_transactions
      Merge branch '4.4/sla-fastcgi-test-fix'
      Merge branch '4.4/right-granted-message'
      Merge branch '4.2/search-active-inactive-status'
      Merge branch '4.4/custom-field-disable-enable-msg'
      Merge branch '4.4/default-class'
      Add ShowHeader for controlling inclusion of header title
      New bookmark star icons
      Merge branch '4.4/single-pending-ticket'
      Dialog for tracking and submitting time worked on tickets
      Merge branch '4.4/fts-doc-in-readme'
      Merge branch '4.4/dropzone-file-uploader'
      Merge branch '4.4/sla-typo-and-warning-fixes'
      Merge branch '4.4/sla-cookbook'
      Merge branch '4.4/ticket-timer'
      Fix failing tests due to ticket timer
      Markup improvements in Helpers/TicketTimer
      Shrink response so "Worked X minutes" doesn't wrap
      Fix image borders for bookmark and ticket timer
      Only show timer link if the user has ModifyTicket
      Merge branch '4.4/admincc-test-fix'
      Merge branch '4.4/search-builder-chosen-add-columns'
      Weekday checkboxes for daily dashboard subscriptions
      Merge branch '4.4/dashboard-weekdays'
      Merge branch '4.2/more-about-requestor-list-default-tab' into 4.2-trunk
      Merge branch '4.0/more-about-requestor-ticket-list-default-tab' into 4.0-trunk
      Merge branch '4.4/attach-from-ticket'
      Merge branch '4.4/search-builder-ajax-format-changes'
      Merge branch '4.2/large-size-in-search-format' into 4.2-trunk
      Merge branch '4.4/keyboard-shortcuts'
      Merge branch '4.4/bump-html-formattext-withlinks-andtables-to-0.06'
      Merge branch '4.4/ticket-history-infinite-scroll'
      Merge branch '4.4/compress-ipv6'
      Improve topactions layout
      Tidy EmailInput and avoid including unescaped parameters
      Placeholder and EntryHint for EmailInput
      Support autocomplete-return for EmailInput
      Support for (by default, off) autocomplete of Nobody and System
      Only include one copy of "check box to delete" for queue watchers
      Simplify IsManageableRoleGroupType
      Switch several hardcoded lists to use ->Roles
      Avoid empty results and undef warnings in bulk update
      Tidy AddWatchers
      Use the record we have for inspecting roles, rather than class RT::Queue
      Add a CheckRight param to ->RoleGroup
      Fix one-off "Administrative Cc" with "AdminCc"
      Merge branch '4.4/core-assets'
      Provide queue to EditBasics for new tickets (they don't have a ->QueueObj)
      Provide defaults to EditBasics for "Add More Attach" etc
      Factor out a CanonicalizePrincipal from AddRoleMember
      Consistent error message across AddRoleMember and DeleteRoleMember
      Factor out a _CreateRoleGroup
      Lazily create ticket role groups if needed
      Use queue to resolve roles on create since the ticket isn't created yet
      Stop reimplementing placeholder with onfocus for article quicksearch
      Unify ticket, asset, article topactions search UIs
      Have article and asset search always be double wide
      Merge branch '4.4/articles-edit-topics-min-width'
      Merge branch '4.4/remove-deprecations'
      Reinstate searchbuilder column deprecation warnings, but for 4.6
      Fix syntax error introduced in previous commit
      Merge branch '4.4/shortcut-help-conditional'
      Process watcher updates from ticket Modify
      Improve messaging around updating queue/ticket watchers
      Additional option for roles
      Tidy watcher searching in RT::Tickets
      Improve comments around GetPrincipalsMap
      Add Ticket->RoleAddresses($Name)
      Add a Group->Label hook for when we display a group's name in the UI
      Switch to ->LabelForRole
      Merge branch '4.4/dropzone-webpath-fix'
      Merge branch '4.4/build-format-helper-webpath-fix'
      Merge branch '4.4/article-content-cf'
      Suppress given/when warnings from File::Dropbox
      Merge branch '4.4/highlight-rights-tabs-containing-granted-rights'
      Merge branch '4.4/query-builder-documentation'
      Add custom roles for queues
      @CustomRoles in initialdata, support CustomRole in @ACL
      Add ExternalStorage to plugins cored in 4.4
      Merge branch '4.4/sla-test-use-fixed-time'
      Merge branch '4.4/disable-sla-by-default'
      Add custom roles to search builder
      Ensure custom role name uniqueness in rt-validator
      Add support for custom roles in Action::Notify
      Merge branch '4.4/remove-deprecations-more'
      Shred object custom roles on queue shred
      Merge branch '4.4/hide-empty-value-pref'
      Merge branch '4.4/assets-documentation-no-etc'
      Merge branch '4.4/ticket-assets-widgets-off-by-default'
      Merge branch '4.4/upgrade-jquery'
      Merge branch '4.4/custom-roles'
      Merge branch '4.4/ticket-history-page-optional-param'
      Fix attachment warning to work with dropzone
      Merge branch '4.4/attachment-warning-dropzone'
      Bail out if a column we'll drop has any values
      Merge branch '4.4/drop-unused-columns'
      Merge branch '4.4/supress-assets-cf-search-button-for-catalogs-with-no-cfs'
      Merge branch '4.2/cli-form-parse-zero-value-fix'
      Merge branch '4.4/core-spawnlinkedticketinqueue'
      Merge branch '4.4/add-cored-plugins'
      Merge branch '4.4/ckeditor-red-reply'
      Update various references to version numbers in the docs
      Merge branch '4.4/add-cored-plugins'
      Reorganize our upgrade steps
      Merge branch '4.4/gateway-refactor'
      UPGRADING-4.4 notes for admins and developers
      Merge branch '4.4/reuse-attachments-warning'
      Additional UPGRADING-4.4 notes
      FutureMailgate is no longer "future"!
      Additional UPGRADING-4.4 notes and typo fixes
      Merge branch '4.4/external-auth'
      Avoid upgrades warning before custom roles table is created
      Fix extraneous whitespace warnings from po linter
      Updated translations from Launchpad
      Avoid using a stale dbh in rt-setup-database
      One last missing undef $m in ldap_privileged.t

Thomas Sibley (9):
      Failing tests for shredding ObjectCustomFields when a CustomField is shredded
      Shred ObjectCustomFields when shredding a custom field
      Add the ability to include existing attachments when responding to a transaction
      Simplify the copying of RT-Attach headers from the txn into the mail
      Display RT-Attach headers in history by linking the filename
      Headers often come with leading spaces, which make SQLite choke on comparisons
      Link to the download page for existing attachments
      Don't present transaction attachments when we don't have an existing ticket
      Tests for the new RT-Attach functionality

Todd Wade (17):
      Merge branch '4.2.11-releng' into 4.2-trunk
      Toggle attachment url based on user type in ShowAttachments component
      add a FormStart callback to share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html
      Enable for AutocompleteMultiple for SelfService Cc field
      add a way for tests to get ticket pages besides the display page
      Automatically update the timeworked field of a ticket's parent tickets
      Break out the time worked on a ticket per user
      core RT::Extension::Assets
      Assets should be on NO queues by default, not ALL queues
      Asset search with no CFs should not show two search boxes right next to eachother
      make RT_Config.pm links consistent in assets documentation
      Add Assets, ExternalAuth, LDAPImport etc to %CORED_PLUGINS
      core RT-Extension-SpawnLinkedTicketInQueue
      add ::ParentTimeWorked to %CORED_PLUGINS
      core RT::Authen::ExternalAuth and RT::Extension::LDAPImport
      failing and warning externalauth tests
      skip when ::Authen::ExternalAuth can't load like other externalauth tests do

Wallace Reis (13):
      Minify CSS
      Minify JS
      Create UPGRADING-4.4 document
      I#29071: Allow auto-completion of passwords
      Allow deep namespaces for ScripActions and Conditions
      Add squelched recipients as preference
      'Select All' checkbox for scrips correspondences/comments
      Make 'select all' check/uncheck bi-directional
      Merge checkbox click event handlers
      Ticket update recipient checkboxes
      Ticket update recipient checkboxes
      Merge branch '4.4/dont-clone-time-fields'
      Improve paging for large resultsets

Yevgeniy Gorodetskiy (1):
      Widen IP custom fields to be wide enough for full IPv6 addresses

mkosmach (1):
      fixed a "cannot decode string with wide characters" error in SMIME

sunnavy (115):
      we should keep the input value for cf date/datetime
      allow to delete a cf date value
      keep values of ticket core date fields too
      check if it's necessary to add custom field value before actually adding it.
      don't bother linking "Last Contact" if current user doesn't have the right
      hide possible empty fields for people|dates|links
      tests of hiding unset fields
      EntryHint column for CustomFields table
      set EntryHint on create and default it to FriendlyType if not define
      update EntryHint accordingly when Type is updated and EntryHint matches the old FriendlyType
      EntryHint field edit support on cf admin page
      show EntryHint instead of FriendlyType on cf create/update
      incremental upgrade steps for 4.3.1(new EntryHint column for cf)
      use EntryHint instead of FriendlyType in %AdminSearchResultFormat by default
      fixed failed tests caused by the new Entryhint change
      support config files in RT_SiteConfig.d
      no need to append "1;" to config files any more
      ajaxify PrviewScrips and ShowSimplifiedRecipients on ticket update page
      Merge branch '4.4/ajax-preview-scrips'
      make datepicker less zealous
      system level cf default values support
      queue level cf default values support
      clear caches after each web request for tests(thanks to chmrr++)
      no need to clear these caches explicitly
      queue-level default values for priority/due
      queue level default value for Starts
      hide "(no value)" from select cfs if it doesn't match pattern and has default values
      drop Disabled column in Tickets
      consistently use with_disabled_column for ObjectCustomFieldValues too
      abstract usage of cgi env variables
      use psgi env directly
      update the mock of $m to reflect the cgi env migration
      fix description since "ModifyArticle" right can't _delete_ articles
      drop cf's own category select
      is_hierarchical and complete_select are always true now
      move cascade select event code to event-registration.js
      simplify filter_cascade_select by using jQuery functions
      use chosen to make long lists of cf select more friendly.
      allow to search the string from anywhere in the word
      support __Active__ and __Inactive__ status in ticket sql
      support multiple --action and --action-arg options
      add the missing Encode 2.64 dependency as described in bbd3bddc
      Merge branch '4.4/external-storage'
      Merge branch '4.4/missing-attachment-warning'
      abstract EditLink to reduce code duplication
      don't delete articles, just disable them.
      hide reminders and disabled articles for REST
      hide reminders and disabled articles for ticket's relationship graph
      distinguish links by prefixing scheme for non-ticket ids
      new config %ReferrerComponents to customize referrer checking behavior
      rename Quicksearch to QueueList
      respect DefaultQueue/RememberDefaultQueue configs for QuickCreate widget
      Merge branch '4.2/csrf-whitelist' into 4.2-trunk
      email could be multipart already before calling AddAttachmentsFromHeaders
      keep attachments in session since it's just a dryrun
      fix mail structure if HTML templates in use thanks to cloos++
      abstract date parse by Time::ParseDate into ParseByTimeParseDate
      import sla extension
      use SLA column in Tickets table instead of a custom field
      allow to disable SLA for some queues
      set default SLA in ticket create stage directly
      enhance date parse with DateTime::Format::Natural
      update doc/config and move it to RT_Config.pm
      upgrade-sla script to migrate old data used in SLA extension
      upgrading note for core SLA
      warn if we still have SLA extension enabled
      better name of SLA conditions/actions/scrips
      SLA tests
      fix operator precedence because "&&" binds tighter than "="
      new version of tabs lib uses option "active" instead of "selected"
      fix operator precedence because "&&" binds tighter than "="
      we changed to %.2f for hour display in f7ddacfc, update tests accordingly
      check container's existance before calling it
      put config set in "use RT::Test ..." to make fastcgi tests happy
      ajaxify the function of attachments deletion
      create 'General' class by default
      initial dropzone file uploader support
      document FTS setup in README to encourage people to use it
      fix uninitialized warning in case $Default is undef
      initial sla cookbook
      Merge branch '4.4/ticket-timer-fixes'
      the cf chosen's width is 20em, which is not good as a general width
      use chosen for "Add Columns" select box
      move /User/Prefs.html to /Prefs/AboutMe.html for consistency, and redirect old /User/Prefs.html & deprecate it
      allow to attach existing attachments from the whole ticket
      show more info about attachments in case there are duplicated names
      take care of attachments that use external storage
      ajaxify format updates in ticket search
      enlarge "Show Columns" box size, 4 was too small
      SortOrder column for queue
      handle large size in search format
      link queue name to active tickets search on ticket display page
      Merge branch '4.2/apache-2.4' into 4.2-trunk
      Merge branch '4.2/email-attachments' into 4.2-trunk
      Merge branch '4.2/shred-notxn-users' into 4.2-trunk
      Merge branch '4.2/transaction-columnmap' into 4.2-trunk
      Merge branch '4.4/datetime-in-box'
      show compressed ipv6, which is shorter and more clear
      bump HTML::FormatText::WithLinks::AndTables to latest version(0.06)
      remove 4.4 deprecations
      drop Group's Type column
      value 0 should be respected
      Merge branch '4.0-trunk' into 4.2-trunk
      Merge branch '4.2-trunk'
      find_expired_rows has been deprecated, use find_disabled_rows instead
      pre-define "Content" cf for articles
      fix WebPath for dropzone helper urls
      fix WebPath for BuildFormatString helper url
      use set_fixed_time time to make sure time is accurate
      SLA is not common enough to enable by default
      alert when SLA is enabled but %ServiceAgreements is not set
      new option HideUnsetFieldsOnDisplay


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