[Rt-commit] rt annotated tag, rt-4.4.4beta2, created. rt-4.4.4beta2

? sunnavy sunnavy at bestpractical.com
Fri Feb 1 14:48:07 EST 2019

The annotated tag, rt-4.4.4beta2 has been created
        at  6c58ebafea1e588e5673930e44fa2d483a9ac49c (tag)
   tagging  e4f9ebb836a03f562184b50aef3c4d475265932f (commit)
  replaces  rt-4.4.4beta1
 tagged by  sunnavy
        on  Sat Feb 2 02:39:53 2019 +0800

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Version 4.4.4beta2


Craig Kaiser (2):
      Add tests to demonstrate commit running for PreviewScrips
      Pass ticket object using Object parameter rather than TicketObj

Jim Brandt (3):
      Merge branch '4.4/ignore-reset-sequences-from-git' into 4.4-trunk
      Merge branch '4.4/munge-more-attachments' into 4.4.4-releng
      Merge branch '4.4/fix-oracle-munge-tests' into 4.4.4-releng

Marius Hein (1):
      Disable browser autocomplete for datepicker

sunnavy (17):
      Update jQuery to 1.12.4
      Update jQuery to prevent auto-execution of scripts when no explicit dataType was provided
      Ignore the generated reset-sequences from git
      Ignore the generated reset-sequences from git
      Abstract method to return the list of mime types that indicate email messages
      Refactor ReplaceAttachments method mainly to cover more attachments
      Munge quoted-printable attachments if the searched string keeps intact in QP
      Re-encode decoded attachment content on update for content replacement
      Make ReplaceHeaders/ReplaceContent return true only if replacement happens
      Add --tickets to munge more attachments that have encoded content
      Make sure search/replacement strings to munge are decoded ones
      Add tests for rt-munge-attachments with --tickets
      Merge branch '4.4/processobjectcustomfieldupdates-parameters' into 4.4.4-releng
      Merge branch '4.4/jquery-1.12.4.p1' into 4.4.4-releng
      Require Email::Address 1.912+ and Email::Address::List 0.06+
      Fix munge failed tests on Oracle caused by ticket id with utf8 flag
      Updated translations from Launchpad


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