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Fri May 3 14:13:43 EDT 2019

The branch, 4.6/update-articles-docs has been created
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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit 256cbea8d9bf59ffd2f4d0725d9eaa446cdf5dfa
Author: Jim Brandt <jbrandt at bestpractical.com>
Date:   Fri May 3 13:20:44 2019 -0400

    Remove hotlist from article docs

diff --git a/docs/customizing/articles_introduction.pod b/docs/customizing/articles_introduction.pod
index 09b42d531..23284f6a1 100644
--- a/docs/customizing/articles_introduction.pod
+++ b/docs/customizing/articles_introduction.pod
@@ -107,9 +107,12 @@ When replying to or commenting on tickets or creating tickets, there
 is a UI widget that lets you search for and include Articles in
 your reply.  (They're editable, of course).  
-Articles can be included by searching for them, knowing the Id of the
-article, using the Article Hotlist and using the Queue-specific
+The Include Article dropdown contains articles from any classes that
+are applied to the queue the ticket is in. When the list of articles
+exceeds the configured L<RT_Config/DropdownMenuLimit>, it
+automatically turns into a search box which allows you to type an
+article name. The search box will help you by auto-completing to
+matching articles as you type.
 =head3 Disabling Escaped HTML
@@ -150,19 +153,8 @@ offered a choice of Topic 1 and Topic 2 along with the searching.
 After choosing Topic 1 or Topic 2, you will be given a list of
 relevant articles to choose.
-Alternately, you can now implement this by applying a single Class to
-your Queue and using the L</"Article Hotlist"> feature described below.
-=head2 Article Hotlist
-The Modify Class page has a checkbox labelled "All Articles in this
-class should be listed in a dropdown of the ticket reply page".
-If you select this for a Class, a dropdown will be available on the
-Ticket Create or Update page which allows users to quickly include
-Articles in this Class.
-The Class needs to be set up and Applied for the dropdown to appear
-(see L</"Classes">).
+You can also organize articles into separate classes and selectively
+apply classes to the queues they should be used for.
 =head2 SelfService Interface
diff --git a/etc/RT_Config.pm.in b/etc/RT_Config.pm.in
index b76f85f00..01fba5ac7 100644
--- a/etc/RT_Config.pm.in
+++ b/etc/RT_Config.pm.in
@@ -1912,8 +1912,7 @@ Set($ArticleOnTicketCreate, 0);
 =item C<$HideArticleSearchOnReplyCreate>
 Set this to 1 to hide the search and include boxes from the Article
-UI.  This assumes you have enabled Article Hotlist feature, otherwise
-you will have no access to Articles.


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