[Rt-commit] rtir branch, 5.0/font-awesome-icon-links, repushed

Craig Kaiser craig at bestpractical.com
Wed Jun 3 15:04:51 EDT 2020

The branch 5.0/font-awesome-icon-links was deleted and repushed:
       was fd78ddfe5f331ac7cf89a07fa9f100ea7338a43d
       now fc1b005d52401bc65f0b915dd49db3b985b107f5

1: e20d52c0 = 1: 9378a6e9 Use font awesome icons for Incident display links
2: 6a7e37ce = 2: 99fecf6c Migrate basics links to font awesome icons
3: fd78ddfe = 3: fc1b005d Use font awesome icon for RTIR at a glance edit button

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