[Rt-commit] rtir branch, 5.0/note-due-incidents-changes, created. 4.0.1rc1-180-gc9145ced

Jim Brandt jbrandt at bestpractical.com
Wed Jun 10 14:15:08 EDT 2020

The branch, 5.0/note-due-incidents-changes has been created
        at  c9145ced41ac58f078377aec059e6866e54530c6 (commit)

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit c1ee4336b1b1f260892557ea58b02a3495ab7515
Author: sunnavy <sunnavy at bestpractical.com>
Date:   Fri Jun 5 04:46:40 2020 +0800

    Note DueIncidents changes from 04db9c190b in UPGRADING doc

diff --git a/docs/UPGRADING-5.0 b/docs/UPGRADING-5.0
index a513dab2..3ce2b05a 100644
--- a/docs/UPGRADING-5.0
+++ b/docs/UPGRADING-5.0
@@ -55,6 +55,22 @@ hidden. Visibility of these two menus is now managed with a new right in
 RT. The RT 5.0 upgrade process grants these rights to all Privileged users,
 but you can revoke these rights to restore the previous RTIR menu.
+=item *
+On RTIR at a glance, the default configuration for Incident sections now
+includes Priority. Priority is also now a second-level sort, so Incidents
+will be ordered first by Due date (most Due first), then by Priority (highest
+priority first).
+RT 5.0 now defaults to managing priority with set values like "High" and "Low"
+rather than numbers, so you will see that in RTIR also. See the RT upgrade
+notes for details on how to set your Priority levels and for how to revert
+to number-based priority if you prefer.
+If you don't use Priority on Incidents, you can customize the search result
+columns with the "DueIncidents" entry in the C<%RTIRSearchResultFormats>

commit c9145ced41ac58f078377aec059e6866e54530c6
Author: Jim Brandt <jbrandt at bestpractical.com>
Date:   Wed Jun 10 14:13:28 2020 -0400

    Convert Updates to new column map to show message count
    The new UnreadMessages column map gives additional information
    by showing the number of unread messages on the corresponding
    ticket, which is more helpful than Yes/No.

diff --git a/docs/UPGRADING-5.0 b/docs/UPGRADING-5.0
index 3ce2b05a..532ab8c7 100644
--- a/docs/UPGRADING-5.0
+++ b/docs/UPGRADING-5.0
@@ -71,6 +71,14 @@ If you don't use Priority on Incidents, you can customize the search result
 columns with the "DueIncidents" entry in the C<%RTIRSearchResultFormats>
+=item *
+The Updates column in Incident ticket listings on RTIR at a glance now shows
+the number of unread messages on the Incident ticket rather than just Yes/No.
+As with Priority above, this setting can be customized with the "DueIncidents"
+entry in C<%RTIRSearchResultFormats>. The previous option was called UpdateStatus
+and the new version is UnreadMessages.
diff --git a/etc/RTIR_Config.pm b/etc/RTIR_Config.pm
index 2a51e7ed..3e650694 100644
--- a/etc/RTIR_Config.pm
+++ b/etc/RTIR_Config.pm
@@ -503,7 +503,7 @@ Set(%RTIRSearchResultFormats,
     DueIncidents =>
         q{'<b><a href="__RTIRTicketURI__">__id__</a></b>/TITLE:#',}.
-        q{'<b><a href="__RTIRTicketURI__">__Subject__</a></b>/TITLE:Subject',DueRelative,OwnerName,__Priority__,'UpdateStatus/TITLE:Updates'},
+        q{'<b><a href="__RTIRTicketURI__">__Subject__</a></b>/TITLE:Subject',DueRelative,OwnerName,__Priority__,'UnreadMessages/TITLE:Updates'},
     AbandonIncidents =>
         q{'<b><a href="__RTIRTicketURI__">__id__</a></b>/TITLE:#',}.


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