[Rt-commit] rt annotated tag, rt-5.0.0beta2, created. rt-5.0.0beta2

? sunnavy sunnavy at bestpractical.com
Tue Jun 16 15:08:28 EDT 2020

The annotated tag, rt-5.0.0beta2 has been created
        at  c065aca1befde5b73aa53772845f9ecd49e378d2 (tag)
   tagging  6079ed3b5912816d7fea72aaf126754d2387ffad (commit)
  replaces  rt-5.0.0beta1
 tagged by  sunnavy
        on  Wed Jun 17 00:16:41 2020 +0800

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Version 5.0.0beta2


Aaron Trevena (1):
      Add reciprocal re-clip button to "show less"

Blaine Motsinger (7):
      Fix edit CF dropdown color for dark theme
      Fix background color for current-value dark theme
      Switch gearbox label to options on Ticket Display
      Fix background colors for ckeditor darkmode
      Fix borders for ckeditor darkmode
      Fix toolbar text color for ckeditor darkmode
      Fix toolbar icon color for ckeditor darkmode

Craig (1):
      Handle updating statuses in the ticket create '' transition

Jim Brandt (8):
      Merge branch '5.0/create-ticket-form-method-in-top-actions' into 5.0-trunk
      Note web UI configuration in upgrading doc
      Merge branch '5.0/inline-edit-tooltip-direction' into 5.0-trunk
      Allow extensions to add custom field groupings to queue defaults
      Merge branch '5.0/merge-configurations-schema-changes' into 5.0-trunk
      Merge branch '5.0/switch-gearbox-label-to-options' into 5.0-trunk
      Merge branch '5.0/sync-status-renaming-in-lifecycle-ui' into 5.0-trunk
      Merge branch '5.0/fix-rich-text-styles-dark-theme' into 5.0-trunk

sunnavy (26):
      Revert "Fix inline edit icons in ticket list when height is not big enough"
      Set direction of inline-edit icon tooltips to horizontal in ticket list
      Set method to POST for CreateTicketInQueue form in top actions
      Add a bit more space between clipped content and clip buttons
      Merge branch '5.0/reclip-expanded-content' into 5.0-trunk
      Merge branch '5.0/fix-edit-cf-dropdown-color-dark-theme' into 5.0-trunk
      Merge branch '5.0/fix-bg-color-current-value-dark-theme' into 5.0-trunk
      Merge schema changes for Configurations table to avoid confusion
      Add ShowEditSystemConfig option to disable EditConfig page
      Test ShowEditSystemConfig option
      Merge branch '5.0/show-edit-system-config-option' into 5.0-trunk
      Merge branch '5.0/lifecycle-ui-handle-create-transitions' into 5.0-trunk
      Drop UpdateChecks and rename methods it calls for better clarification
      Only delete the link related entries in rights/actions on link deletion
      Update names in defaults/actions/rights instead of delete them on node update
      Restrict inputs to ModifyLifecycle from to avoid possible conflicts
      Update maps for status renaming on lifecycle modify page
      Drop unused submit trigger in lifecycle UI
      Merge branch '5.0/queue-default-values-grouping' into 5.0-trunk
      Fix borders of styles/formats for ckeditor darkmode
      Fix toolbar dropdown color for ckeditor darkmode
      Drop jquery.event.hover-1.0.js
      Fix colors in "More colors" modal for ckeditor darkmode
      Fix main body font color for ckeditor darkmode
      Tweak marker bg color to make marked text readable for ckeditor darkmode
      Merge branch '5.0-trunk' into 5.0.0-releng


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