[rt-devel] Apache error

Eric Mandel EMandel at worldnow.com
Fri May 11 16:06:19 EDT 2001

I am experiencing a strange problem with Apache (v 1.3.19). I will
intermittently try to go to the main page of RT2 and I receive a page cannot
be displayed error. The following line appears in my apache error_log.

[Fri May 11 15:50:37 2001] [notice] child pid 11549 exit signal Segmentation
fault (11)

I have to refresh 3-4 times to get the login page up. Once I'm in, my
session is fine. I don't get the error until I try get back into the system
later on. The server is running RH 7.1 and it's sole purpose is RT. Apache
is not serving out any other pages other than the RT virtual. Also, I am
currently the only user on the system. Any pointers are greatly appreciated.

Eric Mandel

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