[rt-devel] Mail Templates

Feargal Reilly feargal at online.thecia.ie
Fri May 18 00:15:42 EDT 2001

I just popped this off to rt-2.0-bugs, but I though some of you may be playing with this, so just a note to save you time figuring out what's gone wrong...

> Currently a case of 'user beware'...
> If you create a new template, you need to make sure that there is a properly blank line after the Subject Header, in order to be compliant with RFC822
> I'd suggest either:
> Make a big note about it somewhere, and on the edit page, or...
> Break the template up into header and body.
> Then have two fields in the form, one for header lines, and one for body, and don't rely on the user adding the blank space.
> Alternativly, maybe you can parse the template when it's submitted, and if non-compliant, return the error.


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