[rt-devel] RT::Transaction and migration

Rich Lafferty rich+rt at lafferty.ca
Thu May 2 14:45:00 EDT 2002

I need to migrate from our homegrown ticketing system to RT. The
general model is similar -- a table of tickets, and then a table of
email messages or log entries each associated with a ticket.

Migrating the table of tickets is straightforward, but I'm having a
hard time getting my brane around the log entries. I see that
import-1.0-to-2.0 calls RT::Transaction::Create() directly, but
I also see that the documentation for RT::Transaction::Create() notes
that it should never be used directly, but should only be accessed via
the published RT::Ticket API.

Is that just an RT-migration-specific bit in import-1.0-to-2.0, or
should I use it as an example?


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