[rt-devel] RT 2.1.38 Win32 port available.

Autrijus Tang autrijus at autrijus.org
Sat Oct 5 06:57:28 EDT 2002

I'm happy to announce the general availability of the Win32 port
of RT version 2.1.38, available at:

    MD5 (rt-2-1-38-win32.exe) = 3086d5fec335f939a1cbe702a04b3920

It is based on the following components:

    RT 2.1.38 + local patches
    Perl 5.8.0
    Mysql 4.0.4
    Apache 2.0.42
    - mod_sspi 1.0.1
    - mod_perl 1.99_07

Thanks again for everybody who have sent me bug reports. :)

In addition to the fixes made in the main RT tree, this port fixed
File uploading (including uploading multiple attachments),
incorporated a zh_CN (Simplified Chinese) interface, and includes
a functional approval/workflow interface support.

Unfortunately, there has still been no reports of a successful
POP3-to-mailgate bridge for handling incoming mails; it is believed
that a modified POP3Proxy (e.g. http://mcd.perlmonk.org/pop3proxy/)
that pipes to rt/bin/rt-mailgate can do that job adequately --
success reports are most welcome. :)

To experiment with the approval interface, please select:

    [Settings][Queue][General][Scrips]->[New Scrip]->
	[On Create - Create Ticket - RootApproval]

Afterwards, all new tickets in the Queue 'General' will be subject
to the following workflow:

    #  { 1 } --->  2 ----> [ ? ] ---> 3 ----> { 4 } ----> end
    #                        `-----------------------'
    # 1 rejects tickets with all-uppercase subjects.
    # 2 and 3 are approval tickets made for 'root' user.
    # The branch point '?' will always go to 3, but could be changed.
    # 4 is a 'code' ticket that writes to a log.

The 'root' user can approve tickets by the new 'Approval' top tab
next to 'Search'.

Please report any problems to <autrijus at autrijus.org>.

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