[rt-devel] Re: Subject: [rt-users] rt 2-0-15 and oracle

Stoyan Genov genov at sun-fish.com
Thu Oct 17 19:21:40 EDT 2002

---- Jesse Vincent said: ----

> I've currently got someone who's working on a port of RT 3 to oracle,
> though I'm sure that if someone else wanted to work on it as well, he'd
> be thrilled. I'd strongly prefer that we target Oracle 9, rather than 
> Oracle 8. As of 9, Oracle has introduced join syntax that works the
> same as the rest of the world and deprecated their old join syntax.
> While I actually _like_ oracle's syntax better, there is value to a
> standard approach.
> [...]
> WRT clobs, I'm told that as of 9, oracle finally bundles Oracle Text
> with the base product, which should make life much easier.

Sure there is a value in standard approach, only I'm not sure
whether my company will move to oracle 9; IMO a twisted solution
which takes into consideration the database engine and its version
is needed.

> Limit/Offset: I'm given to understand that newer DBIs actually have 
> a database-independent way of grabbing a subset of records returned,
> which may be a better fit for searchbuilder.

Sure, but I'm aware only of the $max_rows parameter to fetchall_arrayref()
which gives us the limit, but not the offset.
> > 
> > A colleague of mine did a preliminary version of SearchBuilder
> > which runs for oracle and _does not_ run for mysql/pgsql. 
> I'd love to see it.
> [...]
> Please coordinate with me before you rip searchbuilder apart. That will 
> make it much more likely that I'll be able to integrate it into the
> standard "core".

I'll talk with him tomorrow and if he has no considerations,
I'll post it. Surely, we'll coordinate efforts in keeping SearchBuilder

> > Also, the schema for oracle has to be patched as well to keep
> > relational integrity of foreign keys in the database.
> Has to or should?

Has to, in order to get mysql's auto_increment extra for id fields.
However, haven't looked at rt's code -- just created the triggers
when ported the database.

create or replace trigger TABLE_autoinc before insert on TABLE
	for each row when (new.id is null)
		select TABLE_seq.nextval into :new.id from dual;
	end TABLE_autoinc;

> > 
> > What is the official way to submit patches for rt?
> For RT, send patches to rt-devel at lists.fsck.com.
> For searchbuilder, send patches to bug-dbix-searchbuilder at rt.cpan.org.

Thanks. Will post there when there is something deserving a post.

> >From here on in, this discussion should probably move to
> rt-devel at lists.fsck.com

OK, moving to rt-devel, with a cross-posting against all the rules,
just to keep the rt-users archive consistent.

> Thanks,
> 	Jesse

You're welcome,
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