[rt-devel] auto assign to queue based on Subject and/or Body keywords

Gregory Go greggo at rhythm.com
Tue Feb 3 00:43:03 EST 2004

I apologize if someone has already asked and answered this, but I 
couldn't find anything similar on the lists.

We're using RT 3.0.7 for tracking trouble tickets in-house.  We have 
several queues, each corresponding to a support department.  I'd like 
to auto-assign tickets based on keywords either in the Subject or in 
the Body of the incoming ticket.  For example, if the Subject contains 
the word 'toilet', the ticket should be automatically assigned to the 
facilities queue.  Currently, we have the main queue that every ticket 
comes in to (ie. "help"), and people who triage those tickets to other 
queues.  I'd like to automate it as much as possible, and am seeking 
some advice....

Should I write scrips for the "help" queue that parses the Subject 
and/or Body for keywords, then changes the queue assignment 
appropriately?  (And has anyone else already done this?)

Or, would it be better to write a perl wrapper that uses the CLI 
tools?  This way, any emails to say "help at whatever.com" gets parsed 
and assigned to a particular queue before RT even sees it.  I've seen 
some mention of the CLI tools getting lots of improvement, and 
wondered if writing wrappers around the CLI tools is the preferred way 
of customizing RT?  Of course, I'd like to minimize the amount of 
tweaking we'd have to do for new RT releases. =)

Thanks in advance for your help!


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