[rt-devel] rt still runs the same SQL query hundreds of times for one request

Palle Girgensohn girgen at pingpong.net
Wed Feb 25 20:00:15 EST 2004

and this really makes rt unusable for us.

See my thread here on "performance problems" from jan 15 2004. The problem 
persists, and RT is not usable. Any ideas on how I can help debugging this? 
Can it be the database being corrupt in some way? I've imported it from 

rt-3.0.9, searchbuild 0.97, freebsd 4.9, perl 5.8.2, fastcgi.

The query beeing repeated looks like this:
SELECT  * FROM Principals WHERE PrincipalType ILIKE 'User' AND ObjectId = 

I really need to get RT working now. How can I help debugging?

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