[rt-devel] [PATCH] Correct a minor spelling error

Tammy Dugan tdugan at progeny.com
Fri Feb 27 15:07:33 EST 2004

This patch corrects the misspelling of separate on the
Ticket/Create.html page.

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Index: html/Ticket/Create.html
--- html/Ticket/Create.html	(revision 14810)
+++ html/Ticket/Create.html	(revision 14811)
@@ -169,7 +169,7 @@
 	title_class=> 'inverse',  
 	titleright => '', color=> "#336633" &>
-<i><&|/l&>(Enter ticket ids or URLs, seperated with spaces)</&></i>
+<i><&|/l&>(Enter ticket ids or URLs, separated with spaces)</&></i>
 <TR><TD ALIGN=RIGHT><&|/l&>Depends on</&></TD><TD><input size=10 name="new-DependsOn" value="<% $ARGS{'new-DependsOn'} %>"></TD></TR>
 <TR><TD ALIGN=RIGHT><&|/l&>Depended on by</&></TD><TD><input size=10 name="DependsOn-new" value="<% $ARGS{'DependsOn-new'} %>"></TD></TR>

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