[rt-devel] use Reply, then all attachments corrupted, for a given apache instance (3.0.6)

Ethan Tuttle ethan-rt at etuttle.com
Fri Feb 27 22:33:36 EST 2004

Greetings to the list.  I'm working on a fun project involving RT.  We're
already live and have 1500+ tickets including lots of attachments.  More on
our project later...

Right now I'm chasing a very confusing bug and this is a plea for help.

The original symptom was that attachments submitted via email were getting
corrupted in the DB.  At least, _usually_ they were.  Sometimes they would
load OK.  The corruption looks like inappropriate charset conversion.  I see
this general problem in the list archives, but nobody since around the time
of the 3.0 release.

After hours of experimentation, I think I've figured out a reproducible test
case.  I'm running apache in single server mode (-X).  Once I use the Reply
feature from the web ui ("Response to requestors"), thereafter all new
attachments are corrupted by that apache instance.  It doesn't appear to
matter which ticket I reply to, or which one I create attachments in.
Correspond doesn't cause the problem (but it doesn't send mail either,
hmmm...)  The attachments are corrupted if they arrive via email or by the
web ui.  This could be all wrong but after going down the wrong path many
times this is the best I've come up with.

I used to be a mod_perl developer so I'm working my way through the code and
trying to figure it out.  Anyone have some clues for me?  Areas to check
out?  Or is this a known issue?

I'm running 3.0.6 at the moment because it was so easy to install using apt.
I would have already upgraded to the latest but I didn't see anything in the
changelog or bug database that sounded like the same problem.

Any help would be very much appreciated!


Ethan Tuttle

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