[rt-devel] Re: use Reply, then all attachments corrupted, for a given apache instance (3.0.6)

Ethan Tuttle ethan-rt at etuttle.com
Sat Feb 28 00:49:03 EST 2004

Thanks for the tip, seph.  I was running perl 5.8.2.  Because this appeared
to me as an attachment problem, I missed the "5.8.3 charset conversion"
threads when searching the archive.

I upgraded to perl 5.8.3 and RT 3.0.9 from Debian unstable and the problem
appears to be fixed!  Maybe the "double conversion" thing was happening, but
in my case only for binary attachments.  I did see posts claiming that their
RT would work "for a while" and then start double-converting... kinda
similar to what I was seeing.

Now I'm seeing abysmal page load performance for ticket lists.  Probably
just another install problem.  It takes around .3 seconds to display each
row in the list!  Other pages load OK but slightly slower than my 3.0.6 /
5.8.2 install.

Thanks for the help,

Ethan Tuttle

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