[Rt-devel] automatic creation of users through the mailgate with truncated username

Guillaume Barreau gui at im.ufba.br
Fri Sep 24 11:29:37 EDT 2004

Hello folks,

We are using RT here at the Department of Computer Science of the University of 
Bahia in Brazil and we like it very much. Congratulations to all of you.

We had though a need which RT couldn't accomodate easily. On ticket creation 
through the mailgate, we wanted the username to be the login only. So if 
ted@@domain.com sends a ticket we want him to be created as ted. The reason is 
that we only allow users within our domain to submit tickets and we want them to 
autenticate via NIS so their username needs to match how NIS knows them.

We have managed to change the code to do this. But I would like to propose this 
as a settable option of the mailgate. It wouldn't be very difficult to do and I 
think it could be useful to other people. Would you consider incorporating this 


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