[Rt-devel] rt 3.5.6 Can't Locate Attributes (cleaner stack)

Scott Frisbie scottf at eacceleration.com
Mon Dec 5 11:56:18 EST 2005

Yeah, I realized once I had gotten going that I had used 'make install' rather 
than 'make upgrade' also.  I guess I'm just a bit too used to scratch 
installs. :)  I'm looking at seeing how much it will take to upgrade our 
production server (3.4.3), so I'll need to blow my test copy away again and 
try the upgrade again the 'right' way. We'll have to see how this week shapes 
up. I love the look of 3.5 with the 'left hand navigation' stuff moved up to 
the top where it takes up less real estate on the screen.    

On Monday 05 December 2005 06:19, Jeff Voskamp wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 04, 2005 at 05:18:11PM -0800, Scott Frisbie wrote:
> > I  used pretty much the standard install.  Here's my configure options:
> > ./configure --with-web-user=wwwrun --with-web-group=www
> > --with-apachectl=/usr/sbin/apache2ctl
> > One difficulty was that something ( I can't find it in my history right
> > now ) was requiring Apache::RequestUtil. I had to change that to
> > Apache2::RequestUtil, but after that fixdeps was able to take care of
> > everything.
> > I realized I was installing over a 3.4.3  release, so that's probably the
> > cause of the problems.
> > Just tried a clean install and now I'm not getting that error.
> > Scott
> You probably forgot to apply the 3.5.1 "fiddly bits" updates in
> etc/upgrade.  See the README - 2nd part of step 7.
> Jeff Voskamp

Scott Frisbie
scottf at eAcceleration.com

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