[Rt-devel] mysqldump on Attachments table (bug #6655)

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Wed Dec 14 16:55:16 EST 2005

On Thu, Dec 15, 2005 at 10:35:37AM +1300, Gavin McTaggart wrote:
> Has any thought been given to RT bug #6655?   I have searched the 
> archives, but can't find any mention of anyone solving this problem (or 
> even *having* the same issue, apart from the original bug submitter).
> The problem is that the Attachments table uses the LONGTEXT data type to
> store binary data.  While this works, mysqldump does not correctly save
> the data.  I noticed this when migrating a RT database between servers.
> The migration appeared to work, but a short time later, we noticed that
> existing binary attachments were corrupted (new ones were fine).
> Luckily, the old server was still available and I was able to overwrite
> the bad data on the new, live server.
> It looks as though the fields were originally LONGBLOB, but were changed
> somewhere in RT2 to LONGTEXT to give case-insensitive searches.
> See:
> http://lists.bestpractical.com/pipermail/rt-users/2001-December/005865.html
> This has also been raised as a bug with mysql, but they appear to have
> washed their hands of it, even though I disagree with their reasoning
> http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=10249.
> I am running RT V3.4.2 and mysql 4.1.1, and am performing two mysqldumps
> to correctly back-up the RT database.  One backs up the entire database
> and another backs up just the Attachments table (using
> --compatible=ansi), which seems a decidedly suboptimal arrangement.
> Then again, I have been living with it for months now, so it isn't that
> high on my priority list.  :)

You can also export with the charset "binary"...

> After all that, I hope that I haven't missed something obvious though.
> Gavin
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