[Rt-devel] RT causing time to drift?

Alex Meyer apmeyer at doit.wisc.edu
Wed Dec 14 22:58:59 EST 2005

To answer a few questions that have cropped up:

I am running it on Fedora Core 4 loaded onto a VMware instance.  
Perhaps this is a nono in the RT/RTIR world, I didn't read anything  
saying otherwise. The NTP holes are punched through on the firewall,  
I've even gone to such drastic measures as flushing all the iptables  
rules and completely shutting iptables down (non-production machine  


On Dec 14, 2005, at 5:45 PM, Alex Meyer wrote:

> Has anyone noticed any problems with time drift? I have RT and RTIR  
> loaded onto Fedora Core 4 and the time drifts horribly. I have set  
> the date manually and have had it drift immediately. I also notice  
> that something is trying to call set_rmc_mmss in order to set the  
> system time to the hardware clock. I've tried using ntp time but  
> for some reason I can't get any of the servers to connect. The  
> servers are all specified and show up when i do an ntpq -p.  
> However, there is no asterisk next to any of the servers indicating  
> a relationship.
> I've loaded Fedora Core 4 before, enabled my firewall rules, and  
> apache, mysql, and a slew of other things and the time using ntp  
> has been rock solid. Could one of the perl modules be acting up?
> Thanks,
> Alex
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