[Rt-devel] RT-Soap-Server / Asterisk Integration

Simon Brock shb at widearea.co.uk
Tue May 10 03:43:48 EDT 2005

I have been working on a new SOAP interface to RT off and on for a 
couple of weeks ago and have integrated RT into a PHP application 
front end.  This implements ticket, attachment and user access.

Our interface is not like the SOAP server of old -- instead it is a 
Mason component which plugs into RT like any other component.  As 
such it uses the standard user/pass authentication and has access to 
the session variable.  My aim is to provide a module which offers a 
SOAP version of the REST interface.  Although not a huge necessity, 
it does help if the SOAP client supports cookies -- SOAP::Lite for 
Perl, NuSOAP for PHP and the PHP 5 SOAP module do.

I hope to be able to allow out a preview version for comment this 
week.  I am just resolving an interoperability between this 
SOAP::Lite based implementation and the NuSOAP client for PHP.

For those of you who are interested -- this is the developer list 
after all -- I have a correspond method which takes a nested array 
containing the MIME attachments.  This works fine with SOAP::Lite 
talking to SOAP::Lite but NuSOAP is not encoding the nested array in 
a way SOAP::Lite works.  I should probably use SOAP attachments but 
there area couple of problems with those in my Mason implementation. 
I could just flatten the array but I have always like data structures.


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