[Rt-devel] re-assigning tickets

Olly Stephens Olly.Stephens at arm.com
Wed Dec 17 04:13:02 EST 2008



Just ran into the problem that nobody (not even superuser) can reassign
a request in a single shot.  They have to steal then reassign.


I noticed a workaround for superusers on the wiki
(http://wiki.bestpractical.com/view/AllowSuperUserToReassignTickets) but
has anyone considered adding a 'ReassignTicket' right to allow this
check to be overridden, thereby solving it in a more sane way?  Or is
there some workflow problem I'm not thinking about when I suggest this.


The real scenario behind this is dealing efficiently with staff
absences;  ideally we'd like to be able to say that user X has complete
rights over tickets owned by user Y, but that's a more complicated thing
to code up - adding a simple ACL so that user X doesn't have to steal
the ticket from Y first in order to assign it to Z should be trivial in


If I made the change, is it likely that it'd be incorporated into the


Thanks in advance,



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