[Rt-devel] REST issue when Text field and carriage return

berrebi remy.berrebi at kelkoo.com
Mon Nov 9 01:33:17 EST 2009


I'm using RT 3.6.9 on a Redhat platform, and we are plannified to use 
REST capability with PHP interface to let people have some information, 
statistic and such integrated to our system. Until now, to "read" 
information is really easy. But we have problem to create ticket with 

We use PHP and HTTP POST feature with "curl library" to create a ticket, 
but when body of the ticket (filed Text) have more than one line, RT 
return a 409 Error and give a mark to the second line, like it's not valid.

is there any thing we can do to have Text field with many line? we try 
to replace \n\r by  everything (\n only, \r only \r\n using php regex 
function) but it's still the same : If Text field have 2 line, second 
line is not valid :-(

thanks in advance for your help,

don't hesitate to reply to this subject and to ask more information if 

have a good day.

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