[Rt-devel] Help with Module::Install(::RTx)

Brumm, Torsten / Kuehne + Nagel / Ham MI-ID torsten.brumm at Kuehne-Nagel.com
Mon Nov 9 10:05:15 EST 2009

Hi RT Developers,
i need some help with Module::Install::RTx, i'm trying to create my first RTx, read the whole day the web and came to a point, Module::Install(::RTx) can help me.

I have a tiny RTx, one Callback, one html File and one perl module, let say:


i moved them (after testing a lot inside RT) to my homedir, lets say:


and tried like i read: h2xs -X -n RT::Extension::MyGreatExtension what ends up in a new SubDir:

Writing RT-Extension-MyGreatExtension/lib/RT/Extension/MyGreatExtension.pm
Writing RT-Extension-MyGreatExtension/Makefile.PL
Writing RT-Extension-MyGreatExtension/README
Writing RT-Extension-MyGreatExtension/t/RT-Extension-MyGreatExtension.t
Writing RT-Extension-MyGreatExtension/Changes
Writing RT-Extension-MyGreatExtension/MANIFEST

But my Callbacks and HTML Files are missing.

Should i copy them by hand to this new subdir and add to MANIFEST? I read already in the list (from Kevin i think) that i also have manually add this part to the auto generated Makefile.PL:

use inc::Module::Install;
author('Torsten Brumm <mymail at email.com>');


My Questions: Is this the correct way or not?

Thanks for any hint.


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