[Rt-devel] LDAP Authentication module does not place users under "Everyone"

n.chrysandreas at albourne.com n.chrysandreas at albourne.com
Mon Nov 23 11:24:42 EST 2009

>> Hi, 
>> I've configured RT (3.8.5) to authenticate users using LDAP by adding the plugin RT::Authen::ExternalAuth.
>> My problem is that no user is under the global group "Everyone", thus any permissions I give to the Everyone group does not get >applied to all (or any) of the users. 
>> The same thing goes with the "Unprivileged" group.
>> I have read somewhere that the authentication module does not place users under the right groups as it should.
>Where did you read this?

Not able to find the link at the moment but if I stumble upon it again I'll let you know.

>> Has anyone faced the same problem? Any suggestions how I can get around it? 
>With your configuration, users will be placed in the Unprivileged
>group and the Everyone group.  That is managed by RT, not the module.  

Yes, this was what I expected too but unfortunately this is not happening. It seems that my RT will only place users into the Privileged group when I give them the "Let this user be granted rights" in the Access Control of the user.

I tried creating a user manually to verify that the module is not responsible for this problem and indeed you're right.
When created the user and loged in as him I still do not get the rights that I have defined for Everyone and Unprivileged.
The only options I have in the left side bar is to view the user's open and closed tickets and create a new one. 

Any idea what might be causing this problem or were I should start looking?


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