[Rt-devel] Help adding Information from a e-mail to RT

Thomas Bräutigam thomas.braeutigam at nexustelecom.com
Sun Nov 29 12:34:26 EST 2009

Hey Jerrad,

Thanks for your fast reply, so I do not need a e-mail first going out from RT to my customer which have this special Header from RT and the customer need to reply specially to this e-mail.

So my customer can just a random e-mail with the [RT #1234] number in the subject line RT figures out that this e-mail need to be added to the RT Ticket 1234?

Cheers Thomas

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This happens automatically.

RT sends messages with a subject of: [RT #1234] Fred Barney Wilma.
As long as a reply has the bracketed phrase, RT does the right thing.

The string RT will vary from installation to installation, based on your config.

As always, RTFM, or buy RT Essentials.

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