[rt-devel] RT 4.2.10rc1 released

Alex Vandiver alexmv at bestpractical.com
Fri Feb 6 13:30:17 EST 2015

RT 4.2.10rc1 -- 2015-02-06

RT 4.2.10rc1 is now available for testing.


SHA1 sums

07409a4a15961ee1b2a58fc7c60905915229e9c0  rt-4.2.10rc1.tar.gz
15b7738ab155b2a511c11c561409500a42957f0a  rt-4.2.10rc1.tar.gz.asc

This release is a bugfix release; most notably, it addresses a bug which
causes RT to generate blank outgoing text/plain parts.  This fix
requires installing the HTML::FormatExternal module, and having an
external tool (w3m, elinks, etc) installed on the server.

It also introduces indexed full-text searching for MySQL without the
need to recompile MySQL to use the external Sphinx tool; instead, a
MyISAM table is used for indexing.  On MySQL 5.6 and above, an
additional InnoDB table can also be used.

The complete list of changes includes:

General user UI
 * Speed up the default simple search on all FTS-enabled installs by not
   OR'ing it with a Subject match.  This returns equivalent results for
   almost all tickets, and allows the database to make full use of the
   FTS index.
 * Pressing enter in user preference form fields no longer instead
   resets the auth token (#19431)
 * Pressing enter in ticket create and modify form fields now creates or
   updates the ticket, instead being equivalent to "add more
   attachments", or the "search" on People pages (#19431)
 * Properly encode headers in forwarded emails that contain non-ASCII
   text (#29753)
 * Allow users to customize visibility of chart/table/TicketSQL in saved
 * Allow groups to be added as requestors on tickets
 * Perform group searches case-insensitively on People page (#27835)
 * Ticket create transactions for tickets created via the web UI now
   contain mocked-up From, To, and Date headers; this causes them to
   render more correctly when forwarded
 * Update wording of error message for saved searches without a
   description (#30435)
 * Flush TSV download every 10 rows, for responsiveness
 * Retain values in Quick Create on homepage if it fails (#19431)
 * Limit the custom field value autocomplete to 10 values, like other
   autocompletes (#30190)
 * Fix a regression in 4.0.20/4.2.4 which caused some users to have
   blank homepages (#30106)
 * Fix styling on "unread messages" box on Ballard and Web2 themes
 * Fix format of Date headers in RSS feeds (#29712)
 * Adjust width of transaction date to accommodate all date formats
 * Allow searching for tickets by queue lifecycle

 * Fix server name displayed at password prompt when RT is deployed at
   a non-root path like /rt (#22708)

 * If the optional HTML::FormatExternal module is installed, use w3m,
   elinks, links, html2text, or lynx to format HTML to text.  This
   addresses problems with the pure-Perl HTML-to-text converted which
   resulted in blank outgoing emails.  (#30176)
 * Add support for native (non-Sphinx) indexed full-text search on
   MySQL.  This uses the InnoDB fulltext engine on MySQL 5.6, and an
   additional MyISAM table on prior versions of MySQL.
 * Support MySQL database names with dashes in them (#7568)
 * Properly escape quotes and backslashes in config options in web
   installer (#29990)
 * Increase length of template title form input
 * Clarify wording on updating old Organization values by rt-validator
 * Resolve a runtime error for SMIME without secret keys (#30436)
 * Empty email addresses are no longer caught as being "an RT address"
   if there exist queues without Correspond addresses set (#18380)
 * Allow Parents/Children/Members/MemberOf in CreateTickets action
 * Allow RT-Originator to be overridden in templates
 * Ensure that HTML-encoded entities are indexed in FTS
 * Fix uninitialized value warnings from charts grouped by date
 * Remove no-op $CanonicalizeOnCreate configuration variable;
   RT::User->CanonicalizeUserInfo is always called
 * Make NotifyGroup action respect AlwaysNotifyActor argument
 * Fix X-RT-Interface header on incoming email on existent tickets
 * Warn on startup if queues have invalid lifecycles set (#28352)

 * Add AfterHeaders callback to ShowMessageHeaders
 * Update all upgrade steps to use .in files (#18856)
 * Add policy tests to enforce the new upgrade step standards
 * Remove +x bit from multiple non-executable files
 * Make Obfuscate callback in configuration options be passed the
   current user, as was documented
 * Remove obsolete _CacheConfig parameters
 * Preferentially use IN rather than multiple OR clauses
 * Respect RowsPerPage for external custom field values
 * Localize default statuses from RT_Config.pm, instead of hardcoding
 * Add callbacks within Dates box after each type of Date
 * Pass the CustomFieldObj down to CustomFieldValue objects intact, so
   its ContextObj can be inspected; this is particularly useful for
   external custom fields.
 * Allow more than one right per @ACL in initialdata
 * Don't hardcode share/html in tests, for non-default layouts
 * Base detection of new themes on presence of main.css file, not
   base.css file (#30554)
 * Allow for relative "lib" in @INC when running tests
 * Allow EditComponentName customfield callback to alter Rows/Cols

 * Memory usage improvements in both serialization and import
 * Templates, Scrips, and ObjectScrips now serialize correctly
   when not cloning

 * Document how to enable un-indexed full-text-search, and its drawbacks
 * Note that after restoring from backups, PostgreSQL may need to have
   statistics updated
 * New documentation on writing portlets
 * Add an =pod directive so the first paragraph of UPGRADING is not
 * Clarify when UPGRADING-x.y steps should be run
 * Better document known bugs with Sphinx FTS
 * Add missing semicolon on Shredder suggested indexes

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
    git log rt-4.2.9..rt-4.2.10rc1
or visiting

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