[rt-users] Spaces in ticket string

Stephen Hauskins stephen at mendel.ucsc.edu
Tue Jun 6 13:21:57 EDT 2000

My guess would be is to remove the space where I put the "^"

In the file mail.pm  approx. line 105

    print  MAIL "Subject: [$rt::rtname \#". $in_serial_num . "] ($in_queue_id) $
in_subject			      ^

Disclaimer: attempt at your own risk!  ;-)


> It there a way to get rid of the space in the ticket string? I chose to
> pollute the name space by using
> ECEHELP as the string and I always get a space between the string and
> the # sign (e.g. [ECEHELP #n]).
> Thanks.

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