[rt-users] Transaction Message Length

Daniel C. Hudson hudson at mcci-arl-va.com
Fri Oct 13 17:53:38 EDT 2000

We are in the midst of evaluating RT and have questions regarding the
length of messages mailed in and the length of the resulting transaction
records.  While we are aware of the ability to use StripMIME to deal
with formal attachments, what about cases where users include long
uuencode segments directly in messages?  Or just reports where the
plain text is terribly long.  The "Detail" window for a ticket can
quickly become unwieldy.  Is there any way in the current (or future)
RT to truncate individual transaction records at a max length?  Not
throw info away mind you, but hide it from the user, perhaps to be
made visible by clicking a "more..." link?


Dan Hudson
hudson at mcci-arl-va.com

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