[rt-users] RT2 supports isolated web customers ?

hanson at netlife.de hanson at netlife.de
Wed Jul 11 05:19:06 EDT 2001

> What we've done is bring up separate instances of rt ...

We've done something similar, also using a modified 1.0.7. We're not using 
virtual hosts (since we run the web server under SSL), but have several 
instances of RT installed in separate directories:

I've soft-linked the various rt/lib directories to a single location, so 
that I can easily apply code changes to all instances.

A disadvantage of this approach is that our internal users who work with 
several customers do not have a single overview of all requests. They have 
to call up the overview page for each customer separately.

Scott Hanson
Netlife GmbH
Millerntorplatz 1
20359  Hamburg, Germany
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