[rt-users] doubled headers

Phil Homewood pdh at snapgear.com
Thu Aug 8 20:55:35 EDT 2002

Rick Rezinas wrote:
> Managed-BY: Request Tracker 2.0.13 (http://www.fsck.com/projects/rt/)
> Managed-BY: Request Tracker 2.0.13 (http://www.fsck.com/projects/rt/)

Something strikes me as weird and possibly related here.
This header changed to "Managed-by" (or maybe "Managed-By")
around 2.0.5. "Managed-BY: 2.0.13" shouldn't be possible
unless you've got a half-assed upgrade there.

What version of /path/to/rt2/lib/RT/Action/SendEmail.pm have
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