[rt-users] RT doesn't decode attachment file names

Bruce Campbell bruce_campbell at ripe.net
Mon Jun 3 09:09:31 EDT 2002

On Mon, 3 Jun 2002, Sebastian Flothow wrote:

> One of our transactions has an attachment with the name
> "FS BIO =?iso-8859-1?Q?PR=C4SENTIERT2=2Edoc?=" - RT (or whatever
> module RT uses for MIME parsing) obviously forgot to decode this.

Depends, are you running any mods to deal with non-us-ascii charsets (the
iso-8859-1 bit) ?  (which normally don't touch the apparent filename)

> Is this caused by a problem in my installation, or is it a bug? If
> it's a bug, where/how do I report it?

To report a bug in RT, you must first obtain two chickens, three brown
eggs, 12 black candles and a well thumbed copy of the MySQL reference
manual.  On page 666 of this document is a small footnote describing what
to do with two chickens and 3 eggs.  Some extra equipment may be required,
and your local kitchen supply store is the best bet for this.

Once you have enjoyed your repast (for it is written, do not attempt to
report a bug on an empty stomach), log onto your computer using the 12
candles arranged in a careful floral arrangement for illumination.
Depending on your $LOCALE, curious side effects may occur in an attempt to
distract you.  Do not let these edge daemons divert you from your
annointed task.

With great care and precision, that is, fully and carefully, describe in
full the problem to the best of your ability in an email to
'rt-2.0-bugs at fsck.com'.  Through the magic of RT itself, right before your
very eyes, a ticket number will be generated.

A horde of daemons will then try to replicate your bug (gene splicing on
these babies is a hard job, let me tell you!), and will eventually respond
with one of 'that sounds like bug #1234 or a varient thereof, try [complex
notation]' or 'hrm, thats a new one, try [complex notation]'.

Once you have received [complex notation], you will require further
Illumination.  Begin with Trimethylxanthine[1], then proceed up your
preferred stimulant chain until Illumination is thus achieved.

( or in other words, find out as much as you can about the bug, and dash
  it off to rt-2.0-bugs at fsck.com )

                             Bruce Campbell                            RIPE
                   Systems/Network Engineer                             NCC
                 www.ripe.net - PGP562C8B1B                      Operations

[1] Caffiene for those not keeping up with basic biochemistry.

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