[rt-users] tough question for me..

Aubrey King aking at gblx.net
Thu Jun 6 08:48:09 EDT 2002

1st.. hello to all.  I have been an rt1 admin for our company for nearly 2 
years now and am trying to make the switch to rt2 asap.  It has taken me 
months so far and, even working with two senior engineers, we are having 
issues with mod_perl and mason.  When using strace, we see kernel 
semaphore errors, as well.  Also.. we have found that using recent 
versions of mod_perl does not work at all.  We have been forced to use 
1.27 (vs. current 1.99) why is this?  Help is appreciated in this.  I 
guess the best thing to know would be specific versions of software that 
are recommended.  That would help tremendously.


Aubrey King
Global Crossing, Ltd.
IP Systems Engineering
Systems Administrator

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