[rt-users] Interfacing with RT via PHP

Matt Disney matthew.disney at fedex.com
Mon Jun 17 13:27:49 EDT 2002

What are your motivations for using PHP rather than HTML::Mason?

A while back, since I wasn't comfortable with the state of RT's
unauthorized user interfaces, I created a PHP interface to simply email
a ticket in and then I linked to a NoAuth list of tickets in that
queue. I ditched it before we moved RT to production, though, in favor
of HTML::Mason stuff that is much better because it sits on top of the

I'll gladly provide the stuff I've done with HTML::Mason, but I'm
afraid there's not much I can help you with as far as PHP interfaces.


Chris Knipe writes:
>Hi all,
>Are there anything available that's written already to interface with RT's
>tickets via PHP?
>I'd like to have a type of system where I can inject a html form as a ticket
>into various RT queues.  For example, I may have a support form on a html
>page, where the user provides his / her email address, and  a detailed
>description of the problem.
>I'd like to then take the form data, inject it into RT, and provide the user
>with the ticket number over the web.
>Is this at all possible?  Anything written for it already?
>Kind Regards,
>Chris Knipe
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