[rt-users] Help: Login-problem: GET vs. POST

Rainer Duffner rainer at ultra-secure.de
Sun Jun 23 12:41:40 EDT 2002


I've just finished installing rt-2.0.13 in a test-installation (inside a 
vmware with SuSE 7.2) and I found I cannot login. 

I searched the archives et.al. and somebody said (last year or so) that 
changing POST to GET in WebRT/HTML/Elements/Login did the trick.
This is also worked for me, but I now see that I cannot create
users or modify groups or whatever. 

Is this a browser issue ?
(NN 4.7x inside the SuSE-VMware) 

BTW: SuSE-7.2 required installing a totally new Perl 5.6.1 because the 
installed 5.6.0 resisted all attempts to install modules with -fixdeps and 


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