[rt-users] RT2 and MySQL

Joshua Mandelberger josh at pwebtech.com
Thu May 9 15:36:45 EDT 2002

Hi, I've been on the list for quite some time now but up until now have 
been lurking and reading.  Lots of great information, a good deal of which 
as been valuable to myself and the admins who over see our RT2 installation.
I must also say its an awesome program, its improved the efficiency of our 
tech support more than I can possibly describe.

That having been said, we have been seeing some problems with our RT2 
database over the last week or two that is cause for some concern.

Every so often, and it is intermittent but this problem occurs at least 
once ever couple days, the MySQL thread for the RT2 database will spike up 
to 85-99% of the servers CPU power and just stay put there.  This causes 
all the sessions in Tracker to move very slowly naturally.

Is there anywhere to look for a way to pin down what is causing the 
problem, or some kind of tuning we can do on the database that might 
alleviate the problems we're having?

Here is the present configuration.

Dual P-III 800
768MB of Ram
RedHat Linux version 6.1
Running the 2.4.17 kernel
mysql version 3.23.39
RT version 2.0.13

There are also around 11000-12000 tickets in our database if that makes a 

If there is anything else I can provide that would help with information 
please let me know.  Also if this has come up before (I hadn't seen 
anything like it) and there is already messages covering this, let me know 
where in the archives to look.  I went through them and tried to find some 
answers but didn't see anything similar to what is happening.  But I could 
have missed them.


Joshua Mandelberger
Pegasus Web Technologies

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