[rt-users] Emailing RT group on ticket creation only

Tim Wilson tim_wilson at hopkins.k12.mn.us
Fri Dec 19 15:56:36 EST 2003

Hi everyone,

I continue to be impressed with the help available on the rt-users list.
Thanks to all the RT gurus out there who share advice so freely.

The last major thing I'm trying to implement on my system is email
notification of certain groups of people. Basically, I want RT to send an
email to a certain RT group when a new ticket is created in a certain queue.
I realize that I could set this group up in the Cc or AdminCc fields, but it
looks like the people in those fields are notified of all changes to the
ticket. I want notification to go out only when the ticket is created.

Is a custom scrip the way to go on this? If so, can anyone offer a hint
about how to code it?


Timothy Wilson
Technology Integration Specialist
Hopkins ISD #270, Hopkins, MN, USA
ph: 952.988.4103  fax: 952.988.4311  AIM: tis270

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